Sarah Silverman, David Spade, more raise money for Todd Glass’ medical bills

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Sarah SilvermanA few months ago comedian Todd Glass suffered a heart attack while performing on a Sarah Silverman and Friends show in LA. So, to help the burden of all those medical bills, Glass’ friends are producing a benefit show. David Spade has organized the event, rightfully titled the David Spade and Friends Comedy Benefit Show, and it features an excellent lineup: Sarah Silverman and Adam Carolla are just two of the big name comedians announced so far, with more to come in the next few days.

The show will take place on Aug. 31 at Largo (tickets here), the same place Glass suffered his heart attack. Tickets are $40. If you’re in the LA area, we highly recommend you make it out. And regardless of where you live, why not buy Todd’s album Thin Pig. Just click the image below.

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  • Casey Kalmakoff

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  • fart


  • jmiliner

    Silverman is one of those didactic comics who has spent her career lecturing everyone from on high. She is member of the pious alternative squad – other members include people like Cross and Patton. They are all funny, but they are all also kind of bullshit, amiright? Cross eviscerates schlock factories like Creed, and then sells out as hard as one possibly can when crap projects like Alvin or Scary Movie come calling. Same with Patton – he berates Cross for taking Alvin while he grinds out year after mind numbing year of the King of Queens. But it is ok, of course, because they are artists and only doing it to pursue their artistic hipster lifestyle. Silverman recently lectured some audience at TED about how she was planning on adopting a terminally ill, mentally challenged baby because, if she was going to do it, she wasn’t going to go half way. Great – bravo. It probably won’t happen, of course, but nice sentiment and why miss an opportunity to grandstand in front of a bunch of snooty nerds? Perhaps on the way to Romania (or where ever she was planning on picking up this doomed child) she might consider stopping by and helping pick up the tab for an old friend. No audience, no fanfare, just pick it up. At least Spade has always come across as an unabashedly selfish prick (didn’t even bother to attend Farley’s funeral) so it comes as little surprise that he, with millions in the bank, would rather pony up a few hours of his time rather than a hundred grand.

  • Shawn

    What a foreign concept.. raising money for someone’s medical bills. What is this 1941? Oh nevermind, its the United States of America.

  • Hurley

    Glass has always been a sentimental favorite of mine – his stuff is soooo personal it is almost painful. He was on CDR recently talking about how a Suburu dealer had promised his mother a car but then backed out – great stuff.
    As for Spade and company – really? “Let’s put on a show!” ? Have they been watching the little rascals? How much you wanna bet they sing “We Are Todd’s World” at the end of the show while Glass has to sit up on stage feeling like a complete loser.
    Spade spends more on blow and whores than the bill will cost. Didn’t he just do Sandler’s last movie? Actual friends would loan him the money to pay it off and then help him find some good jobs so he can get back on his feet and pay you back.


    I have to say, I agree. If you can help out a friend in need, you just do it. You don’t create some elaborate pretext so strangers can all chip in.


    if i had a heart attack, no insurance and a bunch of very rich friends, i guess i hope they would be willing to help me out (since it is very much within their means) without trotting me out for a big pity party at 40 bucks per head. the truth is, it is a good deal for Spade – the good publicity is well worth the few hours of time he spends on it. adam corrolla recently raised around 100k for a friend this way and has mentioned doing so around a few times each podcast ever since. how much is this heart attack going to cost? 50-100K? that really is nothing to the people performing in this event. but it is better to do it this way why? so that todd is now publicly identified by the fact that he is in bad health and that he is poor? that should help his career when he gets back on his feet – hey that poor sick comic is playing at the laugh shack! lets see go see him! face it, the next time you see todd on tv, you’ll think, “oh, that poor man”.

  • Mark

    “Whatever” isn’t far off… My wife has stage 4 cancer, we’re bankrupt from medical bills but we have insurance, both worked until she was diagnosed. Now, we owe all the new bills since the first bankruptcy… No one is doing benefits for us.
    Todds rich friends should pay his bills, they all deserve the douchebaggery prize… They must have tied for second place.

    After I read about Todd’s heart attack I bought his album.

  • Red

    “shifting the burden off onto the rest of the world w/ an overpriced ticket”

    Mr. whatever, you’ve won the coveted “Shittiest Human Being on the Internet” award for Thursday, August 26th. Congratulations, there was a lot of competition, but your dedication to douchebaggery really separated yourself from the everyday scammers and script kiddies.

    Here’s an idea: If you don’t want to help Todd Glass out, don’t go to the show. Just stay home and continue jerking off to The Fountainhead.


    These endless benefits for unfortunate/uninsured friends of rich people is draining. Here is an idea – Todd (a sweet guy who I wish the best) has a bunch of rich friends like Spade and Carolla and Silverman (and plenty others); what say they all chip in and just pay Todd’s bill discretely or give him a no interesting loan and later on get him some gigs instead of very publicly shifting the burden off onto the rest of the world w/ an overpriced ticket?

  • Kevin

    Shitty news. Is there a way to donate for fans who live elsewhere and already own Thin Pig?

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