Bill Maher gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Bill Maher

Hollywood honored comedian and talk-show host Bill Maher yesterday with the 2,417th star to be placed on the Walk of Fame. In a ceremony presided over by Larry King and Seth MacFarlane, Maher thanked “George Bush, Sarah Palin and the pope.”

His HBO series, Real Time with Bill Maher, returns Friday at 10 pm EST. Check out a wee preview below.

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Josh Evans

  • danny bloom

    Bill Maher is Bull Maher and a liar to boot. He paid for his star on Walk of Fame. PR it is. paid PR

    Bill Maher got,er, paid for, his STAR in the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday and announced it on Larry King show on CNN, where Larry also bragged about his own , er, paid star….BUT THESE ”STARS” ARE PAID PR, they cost US$25,000 each, the “stars” or their studios PAY for the right to have a star, it’s all timed for release of new movies or books or show… it

    BILL MAHER….. and he bragged that he was honored tobe honored with a star there,,,HE PAID FOR IT for crying out loud, why does the media lie to us????? even truth teller BULL MAHER. i give up

    Bill Maher paid for that star, to the tune of US$25,000. the entire walk of fame thing is a paid PR thing, and the stars are not awarded, they are paid PR paid for by the star himself or herself or their s…tudio as a PR gimmick usually in timing with a new movie or show being released. Bull Maher is a liar. He told King he was awarded the star, not true. Maher paid for that “honor”….wake up america,,,,when even a truth teller like Bill Bull Maher lies to the public about his star on the walk of fame, all is lost.

    correction due here;
    political satirist Bill Maher became the latest to PAY FOR A STAR for the FAKE Hollywood honor. The Paid PR Star gimmick was timed to coincideiwith the fact that “Real Time with Bill Maher” is back on the air beginning Friday. the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which, er, charges $25,000 for star, and maintains the stars, uses the money for maintenance and tourism. It is not an award, it is paid PR. print the facts, sir.

  • Terry Hoff

    I hope some day I can go see Bill Mahr’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame so that I can take a big crap on it. Bill Mahr proves day in and day out that people really do have a taste for shit.

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