Betty White is funny, yes, but can we stop with the whole 'it's funny because you'd never expect an old lady to say that' thing?

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I love Betty White. I really do. And not in that way that everybody loves her now because she was on Saturday Night Live and that Snickers commercial and Hot in Cleveland and that movie with Kristen Bell and whatever else. I love her because she was one-fifth of the main cast of Golden Girls which, along with All in the Family, was one of the best written and acted sitcoms ever to hit a television. I still watch Golden Girls. Every chance I get. It makes me laugh, ok?

And I’m incredibly happy for White’s resurgence. But can we please stop casting her as a bawdy version of herself who throws around nasty swear words, because, you know– you’d never expect Betty White to say such things? It’s not working anymore. That’s all I expect her to do now.

The latest example of this trend is the below video ad for a company that makes hoodies in which you can insert an mp3 player. And you know what? I went to their site, and I really like their product. And I really want them to send me some free samples (sizes small and medium; until I figure out how your stuff runs, ok?). But I still have to really say their use of Betty is so outplayed. Check it out.

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  • Kevin

    I still watch golden girls whenever I see it on.

    I am not ashamed.

  • Lawson

    I agree, it’s been done way too much. Funny at first, now overplayed.

  • Ryan

    I agree that there have been such instances where Betty may have been used to create a cheap or predictable laugh. But I think this ad (or viral video) was pretty funny.
    She has her own line with the hoodie company, so it’s not like she’s licensing herself as a punchline for the money. She seems like she’s having fun. I love you Betty!

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