Marc Maron live Tweets Ken Mehlman experience; gives Punchline Magazine some thoughts

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Marc Maron“Live tweeting” by comedians and other celebrities is not uncommon. Louis C.K., for example, just gained some attention by drunkenly live tweeting some pretty raunchy things about Sarah Palin. And, now, thanks to Marc Maron we have the latest noteworthy installment of this new-fangled entertainment form.

As fate would have it, yesterday on a flight, Maron found himself sitting next to Ken Mehlman, ex-GOP chairman who just came out of the closet and who had made a career of not-at-all supporting gay rights. His tweets and photos included, that came from that awkward situation were hilarious, as Gawker’s coverage can attest. As for the tweets that didn’t make Gawker’s post but are noteworthy all the same, here they are:

Marc Maron

This tweet comes to you from the “Paraphrasing Mehlman” series of quotes. For the complete collection, go to Maron’s Twitter page.

Marc Maron

Marc Maron

We asked Maron a few questions about his in-air experiences. Here’s what he had to say to Punchline Magazine today.

Since your live tweeting has already gotten some attention, what are you concerns about possible backlash in the next few days?
We’ll see. It was a joke. It wasn’t that loaded. There may be some interesting discussions about the use of Twitter.

When and how did you decide that the live tweeting this situation would be a good idea?
Having done political talk radio years ago and having had talked about Mehlman before and knowing what he had done, I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t know what I was going to do but we all know that now. He should be happy I recognized him.

Any plans on getting Mehlman on WTF? And if so, how would you break the ice of that interview?
No plans to get him as a guest but I guess the icebreaker would be the usual ‘Sorry for…..’

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  • Wind2Energy

    Oh for crying out loud-here come the GOP victims-by-proxy, whining about how much damage Maron has done to poor, gay Ken and the cause of the queer. I can almost hear Rush bitching about it now. Mehlman has done more damage to the LGBT community than Maron could dream of, even if Maron were so inclined-which he ain’t. The big issue here, of course, is that Mehlman has always traded on and profited from homophobia, where Maron has always stood up for the LGBT community and exposed the hypocrisy of those who’d do it harm. Seriously, GOP punks, go soak your heads.

  • Amber

    What Sherry said.

  • buddhaburger

    maron’s one of my very faves… and mehlmen should have told whatever airline they were flying that he has a “no comdian” clause when he travels. worst thing for him right now, but we get the comedy so it’s pretty great. glad maron didn’t hold back. mehlmen’s a total douche.

  • Sherry

    Screw him. He has personally done damage to the gay community and deserves any shit that can be piled on him.

  • Bill

    Stay classy, heterosexuals.

    ALWAYS stay classy.

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