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Chances are that by now you’ve read a lot of Internet chatter about Greg Giraldo. I’ve been reading the same things since this morning. I’ve purposely held off on posting anything because, I honestly think it’s a private matter. However, I also honestly believe there’s a certain percentage of comedy fans that are well-intentioned and genuinely concerned about Giraldo– and that they deserve to have some credible info.

At this point, TMZ, known for breaking every piece of horrible news of every celebrity — and usually getting everything correct — has reported from unnamed sources that Giraldo was brought to a New Jersey hospital last night because of an accidental overdose on prescription pills. They say that he’s in critical but stable condition.

If you’re ultra familiar with this site or with my taste in comedy, you may know that I regularly name Giraldo as one of my two favorite contemporary comedians. And I, by no means, am saying we’re buddies, but there’s a handful of comedians I have a slightly more than “I interviewed this guy once and that was it” type of relationship with. Greg’s one of those dudes.

So, that’s it. I have good reason to believe the report on TMZ is accurate, so take that how you will. In the meantime, I guess, just think good thoughts.

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  • Holly

    How…self important of you. Did this post add anything whatsoever?

  • Matt

    Seems like a smart, kind, and interesting man. Wish him the best.

  • GGBG

    I have been a fan of his for years. I think his comedy is far and above most other comedians out there today, and i was inspired by his sobriety. As a member of the legions of the fighting to remain sober, I find few inspirations – most sober people piss me off & I appreciated that he wasn’t IN YOUR FACE SOBER (like so many sober people are.)
    I wish him a speedy recovery on like eighteen different levels. Dude, you’re too funny. We need you. Get better!

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrisgehrt Chris Gehrt

    Thanks for posting this, get well soon Greg! A great comedian and a great guy.

  • http://www.legendnyc.com/ Robert

    Thanks for the update and your thoughts on the matter. I greatly admire Greg, and wish him a speedy recovery.

  • http://ticketsurlooking.com/ cubs tix

    Giraldo, Get better and make us laugh for another 50 years

  • Jackson Elworthy

    Not Greg. He’s one of the good guys. In fact he’s one of the best guys. I’ll keep thinking good thoughts and wait for your next update Dylan. Thanks.

  • Lawson

    Schimmel and now Giraldo? I really hope Greg pulls through, he’s an excellent comedian, one of my contemporary favorites as well. Please be ok, Giraldo.

  • http://www.dailycomedy.com/PJBROWN PJBrown

    I’ll keep Greg Giraldo in my thoughts…I hope he pulls through.

  • erin

    thanks for posting that. I knew you would have more info and we do appreciate being informed, because as you said many fans ARE well intentioned and do actually care.
    thank you.

  • Andrew Short

    Thanks, Dylan. This was the first place I checked for an update. I really hope he’s all right and that he’ll pull through. Keep us updated.

  • margo

    if you do communicate with him, let him know a lot of people are thinking of him and wish him only the best.

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