Artie Lange has sober coach, attends family dinner in New York

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Artie LangeFor the first time since his attempted suicide in January, comedian Artie Lange was seen socializing, looking healthy and more fit. We hear from an insider that Lange showed up to a celebratory family dinner in Greenwich Village in New York City on Friday.

“He surprised everyone by showing up,” the insider says. That same night, as was reported by longtime Artie fan site, he also performed stand-up at the Comedy Cellar, opening with the line: “Well, I sure am glad that Fashion Week is over, because I am fucking exhausted.”

Our insider explains: “He has a sober coach with him. So, a little at a time, Artie’s coming out.”

We’re incredibly pleased to hear this news and wish Artie a slow and steady recovery.

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  • lin

    How in the fuck could anyone think that Artie going back on Stern is a good idea? Howard doesn’t give a shit about Artie’s health. The only thing he cared about was ratings.

  • wheels rolling

    Artie congratulations on your rehabilitation! Walk into the studio unannounced & do what you do! I got your $500.

  • rager

    For those of you who remember Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf, he drank himself to death while being a Wack Packer. So I lay responsibility for his death at Howard’s feet too. Artie needs to be careful. They don’t care about him. They care about money and ratings.

  • Dawg T Bone

    I wish Artie all the best. I’m rubbin one out thinking about him.

  • truthteller

    Howard murdered dana plato so why not lardie too?
    Ratings gold..

  • truthteller

    Howard murdered dana plato so why not lardie too?
    Ratings gold..

  • Wop from T.O

    The fact that Howard Stern didn’t show any interest in the great news that Artie is doing alot better just goes to show us that Howard couldn’t give two shits about Artie. After all the great show content and laughs Artie has contributed to his show, he is one ungrateful cu?t. We all hope that Howard starts to realize how important Artie is to the show and invite him back in the new year if they resign. Do your thing Art we love you here in Toronto. Get better buddy.

  • Chris Clark

    I am glad that Artie is getting better! I hope he comes back full time to the Howard Stern Show.

  • Richie


    You can do your own thing now. No need to go back to Stern. He made most of the money while profiting from the sweat and labor of everyone else.

    Be well, and remember one thing, “There is no cure for life”, so just go with the punches.

    Your Pal Rich.

  • corey

    good news.

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