Dane Cook urges bullying witnesses to speak up

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In a simply shot webcam video he posted just minutes ago, Dane Cook is urges his young fans to step up and do something if they see a case of bullying. The message, of course, comes on the heels of the suicide of college freshman Tyler Clementi, the fourth suicide of a gay a youth — all thought to be results of bullying — in the last month.

The 18-year-old Rutgers student killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge days after his dorm roommate and another student used a webcam to watch Clementi during a sexual encounter with another male; the two students also urged friends to watch along, using iChat.

Cook’s message is below.

Cook isn’t the only comedian speaking out on the topic. After the jump, watch Ellen’s video message on the same topic, originally broadcast on her day time talk show.

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  • Anna

    I think bullying has gone on enough. We should all be speaking up against it. If we all work together we could stop bullying in it’s tracks. The sooner the better when it comes to bullying.

  • 6 100

    Bullying is the new “Save the Whales”

    This “Cause DuJour” is embraced by helicopter parents trying to balance the guilt of being shitty hands-on parents who’ve raised crappy kids with the feeling that they’re actually doing something with their kid. They aren’t.

    Is bullying a good thing? Sometimes. Should it be banned? Nah. It builds/reveals character.

    Feigned mass interest in a media frenzy induced paranoia = Epic yawn

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