Comedian Rob Delaney bares his soul, talks suicide, depression and laughter

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Rob DelaneyVice magazine is currently running its “Larfs Issue,” which for those of you with proper kinds of grammar, means it’s all comedy. This month the publication, available in select cities in print and for free online, features humor articles and articles about humor from Bob Odenkirk, Chelsea Peretti, and Bret Gelman, as well features on Buck Henry, Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny) and the cast of Eastbound & Down.

The real highlight though is an article by stand-up comedian Rob Delaney titled “Comedy,” a deeply honest and introspective look at what comedy means and why he does it. It’s not often you see such a revealing look inside the motivations and thoughts of a comedian, and Delaney delivers often bleak confessions about his life in ways that are as humbling as they are remarkable and hilarious.

In response to the popular notion of the depressed and tortured comedian, Delaney discloses:

Among the first things I do each morning is take two prescription depression medications, Lexapro and Cymbalta. Right before or right after that, I post my first joke of the day on Twitter. I take the medication because I deal with severe suicidal depression and have for years. It has come close to killing me two times in the past eight years: once before I became a professional comedian, and once after. I post the jokes on Twitter because making people laugh makes me feel really, really fucking good.

He goes on to divulge more, discussing the time he spent in jail, addiction, therapy, and somehow more importantly, a 365 page a day cat calendar. It’s a damned good read for anyone even remotely interested in comedy, even more so for those willing to read extended descriptions of amateur cat photos. So, check the whole thing out here.

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