Kelly Meyersfield: Aural Sex

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Kelly MeyersfieldGoing blue is a double-edged sword. A filthy word can take a joke into unexpected territory and pull huge laughs. But dirty for dirty’s sake gets tiring quickly. So while, we’d love to praise Kelly Meyersfield’s new musical comedy album Aural Sex as a start to finish laugh riot, it’s best to take it in chunks.

Her songs can falter. “Someone Else’s Schlong” is a bit too well-trodden given the ode to seeking other sources of stimulation just a few songs earlier on “I Love You But…” But Meyersfield can strike gold, too; “iRape” (listen below) competently delivers on the funny pretense of being raped through a webcam, and “You Are The One” handles delicately the obscene sexual requests one might run into while trying to lock down a meaningful relationship.

Her best work, though, comes from songs in which she reveals some earnestness. “Ballad Of A Senior Prom” follows a girl through the night where nothing too scandalous occurs except she gets too drunk and her boyfriend gets angry at her and the Asian guy who has a crush on her helps her clean up. The simplicity of the goofy situation without trying to push it into ridiculous territory makes for a touching comedy song.

“I Did It Because (The Virgin Song)” is a bit more explicit than “Ballad Of A Senior Prom,” but it owns the same type of empathy, as it explores a young girl’s reason for losing her virginity. And while these songs might not grab the most laughs, they definitely command the most attention.

And that’s the duality of Aural Sex. The easy laughs the earlier songs on the album exploit feel a bit hollow after a few listens, but the warmth of, let’s call it the Unfinished Eighteen Year Old Girl Trilogy (since there were only two songs), bookends the album nicely. And whether you’re looking for one or the other, you’ll probably find something you’re looking for.

To download the full album, just click the image below.

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