Jackass turned comic Steve-O plans new TV show and book

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Steve-OIn a recent interview with Punchline Magazine, Jackass star Steve-O talks about his move into stand-up comedy– not to mention two upcoming projects he’s got planned. Turns out the stuntman-turned comic is also turning into an author, as he’s writing a book due out next year.

Steve-O is also prepping a television show where he travels around looking for people to perform Jackass-like stunts. Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

I’m working on a book that’s set to come out in June of next year. I don’t know if people really need to know that. I’m going to be filming with this production company that’s working with me to develop a television series. And the concept of that would be do to, it’s basically to just go around and spending five and six days in each of the locations that I go to on this comedy tour. I feel like it would be criminal not to get like an episode of the television series out of each location.

And the way I picture doing it at this point is to set up a fairly massive cattle call audition for people to come to, and I’ll sort of be sitting at the table checking out what people want to do, you know, almost an American Idol meets Jackass kind of format. Because everywhere I’ve ever gone since Jackass started, there’s always been people saying, ‘Yeah man, you guys are pretty crazy, man, but I know this guy, he’s crazier than shit, man, you gotta put him on your show.’

And I just feel like it just makes sense. I want to see what people have in the way of unusual talents and stunts and like ideas for gags, you know, and I’ll have like plenty of ideas of my own. And where it’s impossible for me to go around doing a lot of the man on the street stuff without getting recognized, it’ll be a lot of fun for me to deploy different dipshits and send them into various traps and just do all kinds of shit. It’s just going to be a lot of fun, man. I’m gonna raise hell everywhere I go, and I just sort of, with life on the road and the hell that I raise, it’s gonna make for a really compelling television series.

For the complete interview, visit punchlinemagazine.com.

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  • Amanda Silvestri

    Sounds awesome, Steve-O! I will definitely watch the series, and you know I’ll get the book. I’m a huge fan, Steve-O, I have been since that first goldfish stunt on Jackass ten years ago. Now you’re one of my idols since you got sober over two years ago! Keep it up, you’re still hilarious and crazy, and, in your words, I can’t believe those TMZ bastards said you lost your mojo ;). You’re great!

  • Kimberly Frank

    Sounds like a great idea Steve..keep busy…

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