Eugene Mirman: the end of the world will be like Ghostbusters

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This is what Eugene Mirman looks as a cartoon boy dressed as a hamburger.

This is what Eugene Mirman looks like as a cartoon boy dressed as a hamburger.

If you’re a practicing Christian, this Sunday is just like any other Sunday. No doubt, you’ll go to church, yawn 243 times while there, fight the urge to think about fucking the two good looking people in the entire congregation and then go home to try to find meaning in some NFL playoff games.

Stop the madness. Skip church; skip it all! And in instead, just stay in bed and sleep. But then wake up at 8:30 pm EST to tune in to Fox’s new animated show Bob’s Burgers, starring Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin, Andy Kindler and other funny peeps.

Another reason you should seize the day? Many are predicting the end of the world.

And thankfully, Mirman, in an interview with Vanity Fair titled “Eugene Mirman’s 2011 Predictions: A Big Year For Kim Jong Il!,” tells us how it’s all going down:

I think the end of the world will be suspiciously similar to the end of Ghostbusters, except where both sides envision a God that loves them, and to their surprise he comes to town and destroys them, until he is defeated by people who believe in some weird, made-up religion.

You should check out the entire interview. It’s totally long and totally funny. And the link is totally here.

For now, though, maybe you should just watch this preview of Bob’s Burgers. Enjoy!

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