Rob Delaney is Naked and Bloody: Post-show video interview

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Last night, I had the chance to check out comedian Rob Delaney’s one-man show Naked and Bloody; it went down at a packed house at the UCB in New York City. Delaney’s been performing his show around his base in Los Angeles. But this was the first time he brought the show to the East Coast.

As you could probably surmise from the title of the show, Delaney dips into a lot of dark places, deftly incising each step of his recovery from alcoholism. From waking up in a hospital bed asking, “Did I kill anyone?” to blowing shards of windshield out of his nose, to his 28-day stint in rehab and then his three-and-a-half months in a sober living house — wherein he saw a handful of good friends relapse and die — Naked and Bloody is a brutally honest and hilarious look inside Delaney’s physical and emotional journey.

He’ll next perform the show at San Francisco’s Sketchfest on Jan. 27. I highly recommend you check it out.

For now, I wanted to share this informal, on-the-fly chat I had with Rob last night after his performance. It’s not edited or polished. In it, I’m sitting on a cooler (Rob’s on a chair) which was probably a mistake since I’m 5’8″ and Rob is 6’3″. Punchline Magazine writer Brendan McLaughlin filmed (and audibly laughed, adding to the production quality). Enjoy!

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