Punchline's weekly video wrap-up, the "Set List" is here

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We know you’ve come to expect the very best comedy coverage from Punchline Magazine, right? And we’re happy to give that to you. But sometimes words just bog us down, ya know? Sometimes you just need a quick, digested version of the news with no reading.

To this end, we offer you The Set List, Punchline’s weekly comedy news wrap-up, hosted by comedian Justin Schlegel. Expect to see it here every Monday morning. Enjoy!

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  • Daniel Eckler

    Good stuff, I’ll be checking back on the regular for this.

  • http://drewlandry.net Drew Landry

    this is awesome, Justin.

  • Rudy

    This is great. Keep doing this.

  • Scott

    This is so cool! I will be watching this weekly for sure instead of working

  • miranda yost

    great something to look forward to on the dreaded Mondays…..

  • https://twitter.com/TheObsoleteMan Tom Hanfee

    Enjoyed this. Thanks. (but what is SNL doing in a wrap up about comedy?)

  • Danielle Edwards

    Sweet! Way to save me time/distract me at work!

  • Lil Mark

    It’s like a Comics Digest for comics that cant read. Some ones been ease dropping on my prayers. Thanks!