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One of the things we do here at Punchline is post comedy-related videos we think you gals and guys would enjoy. Most times, we think you’ll enjoy them because at least one person here as watched the video in question and has decided that our readership would dig it. It’s rare that we just post shit we don’t watch and just hope for the best.

But that’s exactly what I’m doing here. Yee-ha! I’m crazy. I’ve only watched like 40 seconds of this. But, shit. It’s 30 minutes of Eugene Mirman talking about comedy (so I’ve heard). I’d watch Mirman sleep for 30 minutes (not in a creepy way) and you should want to do that, too. But until Mirman produces an exclusive 30-minute video of him sleeping for Punchline, we’re going to have to settle for this.

So here’s the deal. Mirman recently sat down with the folks at the Thrive Project, apparently some hippie cult in Massachusetts whose members are all into helping young people and shit– but they’re not into getting paid for doing that, or, as their official site claims: “The Thrive Project is a a not-for-profit adult learning, career, and community/cultural center based in Turners Falls, a former mill town in Franklin County, Massachusetts.” Damn PR spin.

Ok, here it is.

The Thrive Project Interviews Eugene Mirman from The Thrive Project on Vimeo.

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  • Dylan P. Gadino

    believe me, Jamie. in the world of anonymous blog comments, “wasn’t annoying” is a huge success. congratulations!

  • jamie berger

    Yay, I have achieved “wasn’t annoying”!!!

  • leogregorydunn

    Thank you for a great interview and discourse. I linked through Rick Jenkins’ Comedy Studio and found the interview to be 29 minutes well spent.

  • Chris Gehrt

    Great video, definitely worth watching.

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  • jamie berger

    Lol, this hippie cult isn’t into making a PROFIT from doing what we’re doing, but we’d love to be able to pay our staff of three more than five hours a week for their 20+ hours of really really good work. So if you like what you saw, please consider going our website and giving a buck or 10,000. Thanks! And thanks for reposting this.
    Jamie Berger

  • Emily

    I watched the entire interview and it was great. Totally belongs on here. The interviewer was knowledgeable enough that his questions weren’t annoying.

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