Lisa Lampanelli shows Punchline Magazine the Zsa Zsa jokes that didn't make Twitter

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On the heels of the controversy-filled Ricky Gervais performance at the Golden Globes on Sunday, it seems just maybe we’re about to spin out into another comedian-related discussion about whether said comic has “crossed the line.”

This time, hugely popular insult comic Lisa Lampanelli, she of Comedy Central Roast fame, took to Twitter this morning, cracking wise about Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Jan. 14 leg amputation (following a reported leg infection) and the fact that Gabor’s mansion is now on sale for $28 million. So, here’s how that looked:

Lisa Lampanelli

And, as they tend to do, TMZ picked up on the Tweet and has caused the Internet to go abuzz with opinions. We just spoke to Lisa and as you could probably guess she feels that people really need to lighten up.

“Wow! That one was the mild one! It never ceases to amaze me what people get offended at. Thank God I’m finally getting some well-deserved controversy like my idol, Kathy Griffin!” she told Punchline Magazine.

Just to prove she’s committed to the joke, Lisa gave us exclusive Zsa Zsa-related tweets that she hasn’t posted and will not be seen anywhere else. Here they are:

Lisa Lampanelli

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  • Gordie

    Having driven Lisa around the country quite extensively the last couple of years, I have come to realize that some will never “get” her comedic genius. To those of you who do just keep on coming to the shows and give your love and support. She cares about you all. By the way, I understand Zsa Zsa got quite a “kick” out of all this controversy…

  • http://Lisa'sWebPage Kathleen

    I gasped and laughed; it’s sad that Ms. Gabor lost a leg, but it was a very funny joke anyway.

  • Kevin

    I agree with Joe. I saw Lisa’s show in Buffalo and she spoke about this. I think people should lighten up a little.

  • Tia macdonald king

    Lisa fucking rocks every house, always. Did it ever occur to anyone that she made the Green Acres reference on purpose? OMG i can’t believe i’m leaving a comment on the internet, i’m officaially a loser – a white, naturally blonde loser

  • Joe

    Lisa did a show in Buffalo last night and had a lot to say about this shit! FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!!!



  •!/LinneaRodriguez Linnea

    Comedy is honesty. Leave the woman alone, she said what we were all thinking.

  • Michael


  • Probable Cosby

    Eddie Albert was on Green Acres, NOT Eddie Arnold, stupid!

  • Chase Roper

    Queen of mean!

  • Cory

    Not only was the leg joke tame, the Green Acres joke doesn’t work if it doesn’t make sense. Eva, not Zsa Zsa, was on Green Acres.

  • Lazy Dave

    When she passes on, at least Zsa Zsa can play “Stump the Stars” with Totie Fields and Al Capp. How’s THAT for an old reference??

  • Robert Moore

    I love both Lisa and Zsa Zsa and I say lighten up, it’s just a joke. Zsa Zsa is eating it up that someone is talking about her.

  • Mychyl

    It’s true, Eva was on Green Acres, not Zsa Zsa…

    But honestly, I made the same mistake until I looked it up. Should comedy really be about checking facts on a 40-year-old show that hardly anyone remembers?

  • Jodi

    That’s the beauty of this fancy option on Twitter: UNFOLLOW , why bitch about it or act offended!? It’s what she’s known for…and why I love her!

  • Misty

    Hey Jackwagon…Zsa Zsa wasnt on Green Acres…

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