New comedy record set: 81 straight hours of stand-up

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Magooby’s Joke House has accomplished the unthinkable– 81 hours of continuous stand-up comedy, thus snagging them the new world record.

Magooby's Joke House

Setting this record was no easy task as the club had strict guidelines to follow. According to Guinness Book of World Records, throughout the 81 hour marathon, there had to be a minimum of 10 audience members at all times, all comedians performing must have at least one year experience in comedy and a minimum of 20 paid gigs, each individual set must last a minimum of 30 minutes and, once a performer leaves the stage, he or she may not return for a minimum of four hours.

All profits and proceeds from the event are being donated to the Special Olympics. If Guinness deems the feat official, it will mean that the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles will no longer hold the title.

Now that this monumental task can be scratched off a list somewhere, can we all agree to stop doing these?

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  • Bill

    Is there a record for the world’s funniest comedy show?

  • Matthew Lynch

    Short lived title for the Laugh Factory…Way to go Magooby’s!

    • chris rose

      matthew lynch, tall long hair, went to the wrestling on tuesday in london, on the tube home had some wrestling matches, is that you?????

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