Video interview: Inside the Macy’s window with Mike Birbiglia

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You can’t sleepwalk with him this time but you can watch comedian Mike Birbiglia sleep- and you don’t even have to stalk his bedroom window! Nope, you just have to stalk the Macy’s window where he’s living for the next few days.

The Sleepwalk With Me author began his stay in the Herald Square Macy’s in New York City yesterday as part of a cross-promotion for Macy’s bed sheets and Downy fabric softener. Downy claims that if you wash sheets with its Ultra Downy April Fresh, the sheets smell fresh for a whole week, giving you a better night’s sleep. He will be putting this theory to the test as part of the “Clean Sheet Week” Challenge.

Usually when you endorse a product, it means you are the best at something. “This is one of the rare endorsements where I am the worst person at something,” Birbiglia told me; Birbigs suffers from REM Behavior Disorder, a.k.a. sleepwalking.

Birbiglia’s new pad is set-up as a bedroom, if your bedroom was in a cloud– complete with a pearly white table, white chairs, a fluffy white rug, ‘up in the air’ themed walls, and sky blue linens to match. He entered the window armed with his guitar, laptop, and Marriage and Family in the Middle Ages which he is reading as research for his newest one-man show on marriage, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. To pass the time, he will read, host a book signing, and tweet about the experience (@Birbigs).

Birbiglia and company are keeping fans, as well as curious and perplexed parties, updated with plenty of social media. Downy’s Facebook page is keeping live updates (, as well as his own fan page ( You can interact with him on Twitter using the
hashtag #MikeInWindow.

If you’re in New York, “Come by and visit…I have no plans,” he jokes. “Just please, don’t tap on the glass. I’m like a shark, I’m very sensitive.”

Mike will be in the window display on 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Ave until Feb. 1st.

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