Marc Maron reacts to Gallagher's WTF storm-off, Gallagher's rep responds

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gallagherYou’re probably aware that Marc Maron had famed comedian Gallagher as a guest on his podcast WTF recently; the episode just went live today. You may also know how that interview ended– that is, with the watermelon-smashing jokeslinger storming out of the interview.

Maron had brought up a few politically incorrect jokes from Gallagher’s routine. The comics then had what I believe to be a healthy, spirited and entertaining back and forth about the effects a comedian can have on divisive social and political issues. In short, Gallagher disagreed, explaining time and again that his job is to make people laugh and that despite the content of some of his jokes, there is simply no power, beyond the laugh, embedded in the meaning.

But as he does, Maron pushed. Gallagher had enough, and exited Maron’s Portland, OR hotel room, where the interview was being recorded.

I chatted with Gallagher’s manager Craig Marquardo to find out what happened. “I don’t think he knew how aggressive Maron would be,” Marquardo said, adding that Gallagher is not at all sorry for walking out on the interview and that Gallagher “doesn’t care.” In fact, Marquardo relayed that after Gallagher left the interview he was seen being mobbed by fans on the street, where the comic took pictures with fans and signed autographs. “Where would you rather be?” Marquardo said.

Marquardo added, “I respect what Marc was trying to do, but he did it in a douchey way.”

But Maron doesn’t see it exactly that way. “I’m in the game of conversation,” Maron tells me. “I don’t want to be talked down to. If I was being douchey it was a reaction to being condescended to and dismissed.”

Maron continues: “I’m generally more sympathetic than I am attack-oriented. I didn’t get into this [podcasting] to be Mike Wallace.”

Want to know what else is interesting about this whole thing? It was Gallagher’s management that got in touch with Maron’s management so that their client could be a guest on WTF! “I didn’t ask for Gallagher. I wouldn’t have interviewed Gallagher,” Maron says.

In Gallagher’s management’s defense, it was a smart move: Gallagher’s launching a stand-up tour wherein there will be no fruit smashing, and what better way to get a new, hip set of fans than to get him some prime exposure on one of the country’s biggest comedy podcasts? It sounds like Gallagher should’ve been prepped a bit more. Marquardo told me that Gallagher hadn’t even heard of Maron before the idea of doing the show came up. Wow. Also, really?

Finally, the Twitter account @RealGallagher that’s been causing a bit of a stir today, is totally fake, according to Marquardo, who explained that Gallagher has been on a plane to Japan and couldn’t have possibly written those tweets.

And, by the way, Punchline is a proud sponsor and supporter of WTF with Marc Maron. I think I’ve said all of the above with a fairly even-handed stroke; but I’m not claiming to be The New York Times (pre-Jayson Blair.)

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  • will nist

    Maron clearly stated some stereo-types were based in fact but the one claiming Jews were cheap was totally wrong. I wonder which ones he thinks are ok. Maron seems to be quite tight assed in some regards and quite loose in others. Like Maron and Gallagher but seems Maron here is the true hypocrite. Haven’t heard a single thing here from Maron or anyone else about this racist slip from Maron. It was very obvious to me.

  • Spencer Johansen

    “I’m generally more sympathetic than I am attack-oriented.” Maron is as diluted as he is an asshole. He doesn’t even realize how big of a dick he comes across as. I have no idea how Maron even has a job in this business, he strikes me as the worst kind of asshole.

  • Rick McCallister

    It was an interview. Did Gallagher expect not to be interviewed?

    Maron was completely fair, he asked why Gallagher decided to take a chance on a different style of material, and Gallagher exploded at the very premise that the jokes in question were a different style than he traditionally uses. But rather than talk about it like an adult, Gallagher just kept screaming and digging and ranting, and when Maron finally tried to get him to stay on a single point for more than four seconds, Gallagher stormed off.

    It was kind of sad, to be honest. The guy’s clearly just lashing out.

  • Mario Aguilar

    From what I’ve seen of Maron, which is more than I care to have seen, he gets off on whining, complaining, and then bragging about what a gigantic douchebag he is. I really hate this new brand of unapologetic raging prick douchebag. Frat creeps don’t need another douche teaching them how to be horrible people and assume that its funny when its not.

  • John

    Marc had an agenda and exuded a strong dislike for Gallagher from the get go… if he didn’t want to interview him he shouldn’t have…. Marc usually listens to his guests and has excellent conversations…. this was crap…..

  • Phil

    I think I must’ve listened to a different podcast. I’ve only recently discovered the podcasts (I know, I’m a bit slow, but I’m half a world away). I’ve listened to 20+ straight through and am hooked.

    I thought Marc handled this interview in similar fashion to his others. It was only when Gallagher was being a real tool that he went in harder. But why not? It’s made me appreciate Marc even more because he didn’t back away, but nor did he get dirty. He kept things on an even keel and pushed Gallagher to think about what he tool he was.

    Well done Marc!

  • marianne sierk

    I did not like or agree with Marc Maron’s opinions about Gallagher. I thought Marc was being a TOTAL hypocrite. Right after I listed to the Gallagher interview I listened to another WTF episode in which Marc talks to a lesbian comic and they make jokes about “ball cancer” and women who have one boob because of cancer. It was just as disrespectful as Gallagher’s dumb gay jokes and if taken out of context, would have completely offended many people. They were JOKES. No one “should” be mad because they were said in a lighthearted manner meant to entertain. Some might find them in poor taste and others will roll on the floor laughing. Same with Gallagher’s gay jokes. He isn’t gay bashing or being racist when he tells dumb street jokes – that’s not his act – that was a quick part of his act and he’s allowed to talk about whatever he wants! His goal, as he pointed out several times, is to read an audience and make them laugh. He’s an entertainer. Marc wanted so badly to dismiss Gallagher that he didn’t find the value in anything that Gallagher said.
    I ended up respecting Gallagher, believe it or not, after hearing his views on stand-up comedy! Marc uses comedy as therapy for himself (read: masturbation) and that bores me. I’d rather watch someone smash food (which, he pointed out was a satire and came with a message about mass consumption, etc) and tell jokes with punchlines, than listen to Marc Maron tell long, self indulgent personal “stories” and expect laughs at his every thought. Can’t wait to cancel my WTF subscription.

    • Guest

      Gallagher fan, eh?

  • Claire

    Marc Maron was also recently interviewed on Kevin Pollak’s Chat show. The lengthy but very entertaining interview is on the show’s site for PPV and is even embed-able.

    Here is the link:

  • Damian Mann

    Gallagher? Really? F%@k that bald-headed has-been. He has NEVER been funny….EVER.WTF is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. (which was total of three)
    Gallagher. Get some new material. The watermelons are f@&king stupid. Try a ham…..or a donkey.They smash up real good.

  • Floyd

    No fan of Gallagher, a big fan of WTF, but I came away feeling that Maron was bullying an old man, that he had nothing but disdain for Gallagher, and that he had an agenda.

    So, Gallagher has some off-color jokes. Do you really expect anything else? I find it hard to believe that Mahon’s previous guests have never told a tasteless joke. Why give them a hall pass?

    Why beat up on Gallagher? Because he’s old. He’s past prime. He’s a prop comic. He’s an easy target. Even as a lefty, progressive living in SF, I found Mahon’s overt PC-ness tiring.

    Ugh, bad interview, Marc.

    Either way, any press is good press. Mahon’s just helped Gallagher’s career.

    • Rick McCallister

      Just going to point out that Maron didn’t actually push until after Galalgher blew up over the premise of an innocuous question about his trying a new style of joke for him.

  • Joe

    I listen to Marc Maron regularly. Gallagher came across as a bitter has-been with hackish jokes that would be offensive to some people.

    At the same time, I don’t see how Gallagher’s jokes were any more offensive than ones that a lot of other guests on Maron’s show. I’m not trying to defend Gallagher but point out that Maron really seemed to single out Gallagher and go after him because he’s an easy target.

    The dude is 64 and in the deep twilight of the career. Gallagher clearly didn’t know what he was getting in to. The interview sounded like somebody kicking a confused dog and I had to turn it off.

  • phil

    Love WTF and Maron….but damn he dogged Gallagher relentlessly. Damn I hate myself for defending that melon smasher but Marc was wrong on this one.

  • Geoff B

    I’m surprised no one has touched on the very different approaches each performer brings. Gallagher sounds to me like a guy who got into show business because he wanted to make a buck, which is totally valid. He figured out what would play in Peoria, and he went to peddle it. He panders to the broadest possible audience because to him comedy is a commodity. Maron is exact opposite, preferring his comedy to be more substantive. Give Gallagher credit for being as successful as he has been, but its not surprising his career has run out of steam.

  • Lisa Clarkson

    Those of you saying that he’s not homophobic (or a “little homophobic”), do you think there is anything over the line with Gallagher smashing a can of fruit cocktail as he screams “These are the queers!”

  • Tom Peterson

    Some of these posters sound awfully like one another…

  • Doctor Spaceman

    Listening to the very beginning of the interview two things are very clear:

    Marc doesn’t really want to be interviewing this guy, and his comment after the fact that he would have never approached him to do so confirms the tone that I heard. He was replying to Gallagher’s answers with tepid, slightly disinterested responses, the same kind you give to someone you don’t really want to talk to but are stuck a wedding reception table with and can’t leave.

    Secondly, as much as Marc is a “bully”, Gallagher is a mean spirited and out of touch old man. Maron’s first question is a generic and almost routine reference to the (very real) influence and fame that Gallagher has had, and Gallagher answers with an almost attacking question of “Well, if that’s true, why don’t I have my own show then?” like it was Maron’s fault.

    Is Marc abrasive sometimes? Sure. But this interview struck me as Gallagher running into someone who wasn’t going to smile and nod at his own claims and opinions and the old man didn’t know how to react like a grown up. Granted, I understand that my sentiment is tempered by the fact that I share much of Marc’s political opinions and worldview, but I can’t believe that this episode made anyone look like a douche other than Gallagher.

  • Lester Burnham

    I’m a big Maron/WTF fan, but I gotta say, this one was a little hard to listen to, a rare instance where I really felt Marc was trying to create controversy, or more controversy, than was really there.

    Look, Gallagher’s an old dude. He’s been basically out of the biz for 15 years, and of course he’s gonna be a little bit batty. He’s from a different era, and he unfortunately seems to not be able to let a lot of things go, and enjoy his remaining years. Is he racist and homophobic? Probably a little, like everyone else. But Marc really seemed to be painting him in a different light than reality is, I suspect.

    On the flip side, I’ll concede that Gallagher was pretty annoying when he started contradicting Marc on every sentence, and giving the condescending “No!….etc” after every question. Ugh! I’ve known people who do that, it’s the worst. And we all know how Marc gets when he feels he’s being personally attacked. lol.

  • gary

    Just listened to the podcast, and if you listen to his other podcasts with Mencia or Williams, Maron always brings up tough questions. He brings up the homophobic angle not because its his angle, but it is because that is what others have criticized Gallagar about. Gallagar could’ve easily redeemed himself by answering the question, but instead he hedges it by saying that his humor doesn’t matter and, furthermore, his critics are comedians who are dumb because of their personal humor.

    Marc took Gallagar to task about critics who have called his jokes homophobic and racist. Instead of manning up and addressing the question, he insulted Marc and the critics who were offended by his jokes. If anyone is in a reality bubble, it is Gallagar.

  • Max

    Why is it when they discussed biases vs Jews and blacks they were evil but when Gallagher brought up black comics whose entire act is ‘down with whitey’, Maron said that some biases were ok? Nobody catches this? Wasn’t aware that Maron had so many fanboys. Commentors here act as if he’s some huge name but I’d never heard of him until I was browsing for comedy podcasts to add to Adam Carolla in my queue.

    • Cyberxion

      It’s probably due to the fact that what you described only happened in your head. It’s a reflection of your own fucked up world views, kiddo, so are you really surprised that nobody else is getting bent out of shape?

  • Tom Peterson

    So the Craig Marquardo in this article is the same Marquardo that manages Gallagher?

  • Lucy

    @And Gloria Too (or are you Marquardo himself?) – Hard working, straight laced people don’t tend to plagiarize from other journalists… For instance, the “Featured Interview” on his website, Music Spectator, is with Katy Perry, but the answers are apparently copied & pasted from a much earlier interview Perry did two years ago with Tamara Palmer for Metromix & Chicago Tribune.

  • And Gloria Too

    @Tom Peterson, that WWeak article was a pile-on from the media when Craig refused to suck their wangs for approval. I’ve had many occasions to work for him and though I’ve never asked him to ‘prove’ his resume, he has never done anything unprofessional or acted like the person the stoned hipster J-school dropouts at WW draw him as. In fact Craig might be the hardest working, most straight laced person I’ve ever met. Gallagher is lucky to have someone reliable help him through this. We should all have management that willing to stand by through rough seas.

  • brandon

    There was so much wrong with what Gallagher was saying that Maron could’ve let Gallagher hang himself just on what he was saying that day. But instead Maron kept pushing the homophobic/racist angle with no first hand experience about it, just basing it off an article he read. He should’ve let that go and gone after him for the things he was saying during the interview. Everyone wants to do state fairs? c’mon!

  • Lucy

    Seconding what Tom Peterson said… Craig Marquardo is not exactly known around Portland & Oregon region for his integrity, to say the least. I’m not convinced that twitter acct is fake just because Marquardo says so – I’d personally take everything he claims with a giant helping of NaCl to taste.

  • Tom Peterson

    Again, is this the same Craig Marquardo?

  • SDC

    I’m just thankful Gallagher warned us about the dangers of electrons in that forum.

  • Mike

    wow. marc maron was being a passive aggressive condescending hypocritical asshole. how can anyone honestly defend him on this? he clearly harbors deep feelings of hate and jealousy towards gallagher. by no means am i defending gallagher as a comedian, but he got the raw end of this deal. marc should’ve given him more respect as a human being b/c he is right about most comics today. today’s comedy is way too self-indulgent and out of touch with most of america.

    this interview epitomizes the polarization of our country- hollywood elitism vs. middle america. marc really shows just how condescending and out of touch he is with the rest of the country, which is why he will never be famous like gallagher. he lives in his hollywood bubble, where everyone thinks they are smarter and better than middle america, but really they aren’t.

    • Brian of Nazareth

      So you’re saying that Maron was actually even the tiniest bit jealous of a hateful, homophobic, and apparently mentally ill old man? Certainly Mr. Maron will never share his fame (infamy,rather), nor would he ever want to. But this sad, out of touch with reality, demented old man indeed DOES represent middle America. Everyone there thinks they are smarter and better than the so called “elites”, but really they aren’t.

  • Christian

    As someone who was unaware of Gallagher’s past negative criticism before hearing the Jan. 31 WTF podcast, I was disgusted with the things Gallagher said towards homosexuality.

    At one point Gallagher stated that contradictions are humorous, and that homosexuality is a contradiction of nature (or more specifically, “God’s Joke”), and so is humorous. Gallagher saying this statement, or a similar statement, is simply prejudice towards homosexuality.

    The point of “political correctness” is for people with prejudices to be called out. The media creating a commotion over a politician or a big-name entertainer being politically incorrect is important because the public should know what people who influence society are prejudice.

    What Marc Maron does on his show is have a human-to-human being conversations. Anyone who accepts homosexuals as equal human beings and in a conversation with Gallagher heard the jokes Gallagher said in this interview would be justified in feeling offended and questioning the performer in his beliefs on the topic..

    In contemporary society gay-bashing is a common form of joke, an example being people using the phrase “that’s gay” to remark something as being negative in nature. People with influence over the public, like Gallagher, maintaining and reinforcing this prejudice outlook of sexuality is counter-productive for society as a whole. Whether or not Marc Maron was playing the role of the media or simply a human being in his interview, Mr. Maron’s reaction to Gallagher’s answers was both justified and socially responsible.

  • Richard Weinstein

    I just listened to it.

    Im a big wtf fan and I think that was the best interview Ive ever heard on his show.

    Marc is not traditionally combative but he does always try to get to the real heart of things as far as what makes people tick.

    Gallager seemed very cranky throughout the whole thing and there was a real psychological disconnect between these two opposing personalities while Marc’s attempts to bridge the gap and make his points understood were met with only mocking derision by Gallager.

    To be fair, Gallager felt attacked because Marc was bringing up what Gallager’s critics were saying and Gallager’s response was that he didnt give a crap.


    for the record ive always hated political correctness because I dont believe in using social pressure to shame people into being dishonest about their true opinions

    however, I agreed with Marc’s points and thought he was very articulate in making them.

    I understood Marc’s question about why feed into people’s possibly bigoted attitudes to get a laugh, the answer given by Gallager was to get a laugh, but then Gallager starts putting everybody else down who does a different style of comedy and then just storms out.

    weird, and a bit immature.

    but that’s Gallager and the kind of comedy he does – as well as the kind of audience he plays to.

    To be fair Gallager is sometimes funny, has been doing what he does for decades and has a large following which makes him a success, but marc tried to have a sophisticated conversation with a man who simply isnt.

    still, the best interview ive ever heard on his show because Marc who is usually very neutral and non-judgmental was suddenly opinionated and even a little combative, because its interesting to know what makes Marc tick as well.

    It reminded of what he used to do on air america before those idiots fired him.

    but really, I dont think any apology is necessary from either of these two guys because it would be somewhat insincere.

    Marc has his point of view, Gallager walks out after being cranky from the very beginning because he doesnt want to have a conversation.

    I think in their own way, both guys benefit from this.

  • susie

    I love Marc. I think he did the best he could with the situation. Gallagher clearly hasn’t grown much in the last twenty years, and quite frankly I agree with the above poster that said he may have been drunk. As somebody who grew up with an alcoholic parent, the signs were there. He was dellusional and seemed to barely be aware of the fact that the ’90s/’00s even existed. Remember the Pokemon reference? And the Ninja Turtles? Really, dude?

    As far as the (now deleted) Twitter account, I think it was real.

  • http://TheBOBshow(searchitoniTunes) Youngblood Holden

    Glad to see alot of other people feel the way I do about this incident. Marc appeared to bully an kind of sad old guy who has not kept up with the times. Marc went after him like he should go after Fred phelps from Westboro baptist church. Marc acted like he was taming lions but this lion had no teeth. I lost respect for marc as well with this interview and am thinking about stopping listening to the show … His complaining about his life is a bit much for a struggling entertainer to hear. The guy is a legend and is living his dream, is it really that bad. I say, man up and get on with therapy… I changed alot my unhealthy Behavior with therapy so I know first Hand it works if u want to make a change. Look I will be the first to tell u that life sux, but at a certain point it’s time to stop complaining on Ur podcast about it and start doing something about it. Also , we know it suz dude, get on with the interview
    And I know, if I dont like it I don’t have to listen… What I’m saying is that he is about to that point , I hope he takes therapy seriously and rights his ship as opposed to self destructing like he claims he normally does
    Youngblood Holden

  • Stephen

    I really don’t know what you people are listening to… Marc was just as fair with Gallagher as he was with Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia. Actually, he was less harsh with Gallagher, and those guys didn’t walk out. Mencia even came back a second time to tell more of his side of the story (and actually gets points for that in my book…) Gallagher IS crazy, delusional and bitter. He was successful in the eighties, but then people either sobered-up or stopped being nine. Watch ‘History of the Joke with Lewis Black’. You feel embarrassed for Gallagher when he closes his part by cutting his own hair for a laugh. It’s sad and desperate. And the patents, look up ‘Leo A. Gallagher’ on google patent search. There’s one for ‘Hotel area for family reunions and the like’ because resort hotels didn’t exist before 2006?!?! There was an inn in the bible, so he might be 2000 years late on that one. And another for ‘Electronic slot machine’ since those also weren’t around before 2006 either???
    The truth is, anybody can patent just about anything (there’s a patent on stick dog toy, ) Gallagher is nuts, deluded and sad. I hope he uses some of his money piles to go get help. All Marc did was hold up a mirror.  

  • yikes

    In Marc’s intro he describes Gallagher as out of touch, desperate, etc. and then he goes on to bait him and smack him around. I liked this as much as a staged reality tv argument.

    Heck, one stinker out of 100+ podcasts is a awesome. I’m looking forward to Marc getting back on track.

  • Zach Dionne


  • http://www.clownpenis.fart ThomLime

    Also, to be clear, I agree with Maron – Gallagher is a dick (and delusional).

  • http://www.clownpenis.fart ThomLime

    Maron is a master – how did he keep his composure for the first 20 minutes of Gallagher’s busted nonsense? He had to go after him – everyone saying a few gay jokes is no probably should probably read this:

    Anyway, Maron wasn’t being douchey, as everyone is saying, he was doing a forceful pressing interview. If Maron personally believes that Gallagher’s comedy is hurtful, why can’t they have a serious (if heated) discussion about it?

  • Tom Peterson

    I love WTF but what Tom Peterson said is correct, Gallagher is a prick douchebag.

    See how that works?

  • Anony

    Gallagher is delusional and that’s being kind. On the other hand Maron’s PC oversensitivity to any racial or stereotypical humor is bit grating as well. Funny is funny even when its mean. Maron is a bit of a hypocrite. He few qualms about going on the Opie and Anthony show where misogyny, homophobia and racism are all part and parcel of the show’s humor.

  • wtfnick

    Listen to the podcast. Maron didn’t instigate, he called gallagher out on his bull shit, “they’re the enemy”. I would hope Marc would not let anyone get away with that kind of uneducated ignorance on his show. The only way gallagher would have stayed for that whole interview was if marc just knodded his head and asked easy questions. Thank gallagher he didn’t.

  • TA

    I love Marc, but rene payes, atx and ted are all right on the money.

  • EJ

    Am I the only one who thought that Gallagher sounded drunk? (And, somewhat ironically, like one of the Middle American female characters that Drew Droege does on Glitter in the Garbage). Maybe Gallagher always slurs his words – I honestly have never heard him speak before. This could also be the reason that Marc wanted to get him some coffee before the interview.

  • Drew

    I’m a big fan of the WTF Podcast, but I don’t think either guy came out of this looking very good. Marc obviously had an agenda the entire time, which is not so unusual, but the difference here is that Gallagher wasn’t in on the “joke”. He was clearly misinformed about the podcast and got flustered. In my opinion, Marc should have backed off a bit, and in the end, Gallagher felt like there was no way for him to get any ground back, and left.

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  • Neal

    I have listened to nearly all of the WTF podcasts. Marc Maron had steadily improved his style and confidence until he decided to attack Gallagher. Maron stalked and slowly destroyed Gallagher – now an old man trying to hang on to the past. Marc should have been more compassionate. Marc should have trashed the interview, but instead decide to publish and once again, self sabatoge.

  • Matt

    Did Gallagher recently turn into Andrew Dice Clay or something? If the jokes he told on the podcast are the “homophobic” jokes, I think Marc needs to relax. They’re not particularly funny, but they’re not viscious either. Love Marc and WTF, but I think he let some of his own political sensitivity get the best of him here. Still, I never miss a show!

  • Tom Peterson

    Gallagher is a bully and when he went up against someone who wasn’t going to back down he left.

    That’s being a coward as well.

  • Kent Knudson

    I loved Gallagher’s comedy when I younger and I respect him a great deal. I haven’t heard him in a number of years. But, my take on the interview… Marc was simply asking ASKING! Gallagher why he occasionally makes the choices he does in his comedy. Especially those choices that are just plain “easy”.

  • ted

    Seriously baited Gallagher the entire time…if you were that worried about reaffirming prejudice would you stop doing jokes about Christians? No, you would not, because it gets a laugh. Holy shit, I am not necessarily a Gallagher fan, buy I sure lost a lot of respect for Marc Maron after this interview. You saw what you thought was an easy mark Mr. Maron and you didn’t stop unitl you chased him from the room. I hope you got what you needed you vampiric media whore. Much love TW.

  • listener

    I just started listening to WTF and love it. I got the android app and I’m poking through back episodes; maybe listened to 5 of them so far.

    I don’t like Gallagher and I appreciate Marc’s interview style a lot, but I noticed a difference in how Marc approached this guest (versus the other 4 pods I’ve caught so far). “I’m not attacking you” before it got heated was a hint where it was going.

    I have to listen again to wash the emotion out of it I guess, or maybe it’s just that I feel bad for crazy people.

  • William Chance

    When I listened to the podcast, I got upset that things turned out the way they did. It was obvious that Gallagher did not know what to expect from Marc. I could see that Gallagher was starting to assume Marc was one of those people who make “gotcha” shows. I would like to see them do another show where Gallagher apologizes for not doing his homework, and Marc apologizes “for his part” (as a professional courtesy), and they could have a nice discussion.
    I am a social researcher who does amateur stand up comedy. I was hooked on the fact that Gallagher had an active relationship with the scientific community. I would like an interview where that is the highlight of the interview, and not the storming-off.

  • Atx

    I’m a big WTF fan but Marc was a dick. He was trying to call gallagher out on making homophobe jokes. Gallagher said all 5 of his gay jokes in the interview which were harmless. Marc was on some ridiculous crusade.

  • rene payes

    I’m gonna have to beg to differ with a lot of people here. Why would anyone want to stay in an interview where the interviewer keeps going after you no matter what you say. It is like talking to a brick wall. To me Gallagher just said to himself “I have too much dignity for this, I’m just gonna walk out”. I agree with his decision to do this.

    We’re saying he’s homophobic? over a joke like “what does Sigfried and the tiger have in common-they both know what Roy Tastes like”

    That’s the big controversy? a joke that a college student would say to his buddies? That’s not homophobic, it’s juvenile, it’s immature, it’s a street joke. It’s like berating a kid for half an hour for saying “that’s gay”. It’s not saying it out of hatred for homosexuals, honestly the dude just thinks it’s funny.

    Could you have gone after him for being a hack?-Yes, for saying unoriginal jokes?-yes. But for for being homophobic? I think you’re stretching.

    It’s quite apparent that Mr. Maron, and Mr. Gallagher come from different comedy thinking. Mr. Gallagher comes from an older school of comedy where the jokes are tailored to the audience, hence yes he’ll change them from city to city, from venue to venue, so yes, he will be able to play a state fair, and do a comedy club another night. This is bad?

    It is an older way of doing comedy, it’s a different mentality. A lot of modern comics talk about themselves, then a niche audience follows them. It is a different way, but let’s not champion it. It is just one way of doing things.

    In Mr. Maron’s side though, I have to admit that Gallagher was being really friggin loud. He was hurting my ears. Is he losing his hearing? If there was a real reason to not interview Gallagher it would be that if you are in the same room as him he’ll burst your eardrums.

    • Kevmo

      All Maron did was ask why his material started going blue.

      If you think that’s a cause to flip the F out like that, you shouldn’t be anywhere near the public eye. And let’s not pretend that Gallagher hasn’t become absolutely batsh_t nuts in the last two decades… He’s actually accused George Carlin of stealing from him.

      Don’t defend insane, especially when we have the audio to prove that it was NOT a confrontational question.

  • Tom Peterson
  • adrian

    Before Marc started to ask about the racist aspect of his work, Gallagher had already lost the plot.Claiming to be a great scientist and the man behind the ninja turtles – it was as if he realised that his stage career was not one he could be proud of.

    He tried to bluster and talk down to Marc, something he is no position to do and quite frankly, I was amazed that Marc managed to hold his composure when faced with such arrogance and stupidity.

    I hope that people who may be new to WTF will listen back to some other episodes. Bringing on people to attack them is not Marcs style.

  • Evan Nelson

    Gallagher had the idea for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. So, you’re welcome, everybody.

  • Keith

    Ya Know,
    Gallagher was a big name before any of these guy’s that are camping out on the “Gallaghers a hack” doorstep. He’s making audiences happy and good money, Gee, what a concept!! Who cares about Gallagher…his fans who flock to see him. Maron admitted he didn’t want Gallagher as an interview…you don’t think he might have been a little biased? I might not like, Larry the cable guy…but he has a much larger audience than me…so I guess he appeals to someone…alot of someones.

    • Kevmo

      If you didn’t listen to the interview, and haven’t kept up with Gallagher’s behavior since the mid-90’s, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

      The guy went completely batsh_t to a simple question about his starting to use dirtier material. That was the *ENTIRE* question that sent him into his tirade.

  • Jimmy D Johnson

    Mark Maron is great. Gallagher who?

  • Chase Roper

    Gallagher kept saying he was just “repeating a few jokes he hears on the streets.” Is that really a thing? People walking around the streets just telling jokey jokes to strangers in striped sweaters with melon hats?

    I recently interviewed Louie Anderson over the weekend and we had a similar conversation about not being as relevant to newer/younger fan bases as compared to the 80s when he was huge. I sort suppose physically, he’s sort of still huge. . . in contrast to Gallagher, Louie was self aware and not offended.

    Seemed like Gallagher encountered a few too many electrons before this interview.

  • Mark Gonzales

    I sensed a lot of hate coming out of Maron. I think Gallagher is a terrible hack comic and am no way trying to defend him but I felt Maron was being really passive with him throughout the whole interview.

    Stand Up Comedy is a series of negative opinions, coming from a point of view that they believe in. So in theory, a comedian is neither wrong or right and thats why I felt Marc was going at it all wrong with him.

    But since Gallagher is a moron, he was too blinded to catch some of the contradicting questions Marc was asking him. All I want to know is how badly did Marc hate him before the interview? The answer would help me sleep better at night.

    • Kevmo

      All he did was ask why Galagher started going blue in recent years. Gallagher’s the one who flipped the F out over it.

  • Gray

    I hope Gallagher is embarrassed when he hears the Mencia interviews. Compared to Gallagher, Mencia handled himself like a man. What a racist, homophobic child. I’m embarrassed that I liked him as a kid…

  • Tom

    “Most comedians are terrible, they should listen to me.”


  • Alicia

    I’ve always hated Gallagher so I have no place to form and opinion. BUT I really think that Gallagher knew what he was doing. How do you not know Maron’s method? The guy interview Mencia, Robin Williams and Dane Cook?

    This is the first time Gallagher has been talked about since that Chappelle spoof. Now he’s on tour(sans melons) and has a little buzz around his name. Though I don’t know who’ll buy Gallagher tickets based in this event, I call shenanigans.

    • Kevmo

      I wish I could believe you, but after his legal struggles against his brother, Gallagher has become literally paranoid… He thinks most comics steal from his material (Including George frickin Carlin), says that people like Richard Pryor and Louis CK aren’t actual comics, etc.

      The guy went WAY to F off his rocker.

  • Jessica Johnson

    If not nodding, smiling and agreeing with everything your interview subject say is considered “douchey” behavior, than I would say Marquardo is right. What I heard, though, was an ignorant man (Gallagher) who isn’t confident in the choices that he makes and couldn’t reasonably defend them when challenged and chose to, instead, lash out at the guy (Maron) trying to have a spirited conversation with him until he realized he wasn’t making any headway and decided to just storm off. I’ve had conversations like that…usually with people that haven’t reached double digit ages yet.

  • Rebekah Hunt

    Maron was more than fair. His style of interview can be confrontational, but he treated the interview rather gently comparatively. As for “pushing,” Gallagher behaved like a lunatic and a child and forced Maron into a more forceful stance just to keep the conversation moving at all. I would urge everyone to ACTUALLY LISTEN to the podcast before making a judgment. If everyone had heard it, no defense of Maron would be remotely required. Also, what kind of incompetent and ridiculous manager calls someone “douchey” in the press? The kind Gallagher deserves, I’d wager. Maron will not be the one who comes out looking “douchey” when the smoke clears from this.

  • Joel

    It was easier to drop the mic and storm out than to become self aware.

  • Sean G

    That was bad prep work on Marquardo’s part. Anyone familiar with WTF would know that Maron’s success is based on his ability to dig into the mind of his interviewees, and that he has no fear of getting there through discussion of unpleasant public perceptions. Had anyone even read the NYT article on Maron they would have been alerted to his outstanding set of interviews with Mencia, as well as his probing of Robin Williams.

    I thought Maron was more than fair with Gallagher in the interview, asking follow-up questions but not pressing directly on the inconsistencies and straight up contradictions in Gallagher’s responses. I think Gallagher must have realized that he was only going to dig himself in deeper if the interview continued, and ended it to cut his losses.

    A recent Willamette Week (Portland, Or – ) article discussed Gallagher’s refusal to put on a performance, instead spending his evening “interacting” with passersby in the street… I suppose this is the sort of “fan swarming” his manager would suggest.

    • guest

      Probing or just being a dick about it? I feel like it’s the latter the vast majority of the time. I don’t see how expecting that type of thing from Maron excuses that kind of attitude in any way.

      • Kevmo

        Have you listened to the podcast? All he did was ask why Gallagher switched over to blue material in recent years. That was it. Gallagher freaked the F out and started talking about how most comics steal from him and that he got to decide what comedy actually is.

        I don’t personally care for WTF or Marc Maron, but Gallagher was 100% frickin insane. It wasn’t two-sided.

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