A $1 million UCB comedy prank goes up in flames

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Craig RowinCraig Rowin asked for one simple thing: One million dollars.

Not $5,000. Not $100,000., but one million dollars. “Not for anything specific. I just think it would be awesome,” says the UCB sketch actor in his first of three request videos.

Rowin gained notoriety after calling out Al Roker, Lady Gaga and Willow Smith to send him the large sum of cash. He appeared on local news networks asking for the lump sum, tweeting his followers (@CraigRowin) to help him find someone to make him a rich man.

Then on Jan. 19th, Rowin claimed success when he posted a video featuring a voicemail from Benjamin, an alleged millionaire who sent the funny man a notarized letter from his lawyers agreeing to invite Rowin to the Millionaire Table.

Rowin was to be presented with the check in front of a live audience at the UCB Theater in New York last night. Comedian Hannibal Burress read aloud many of the hateful YouTube comments left underneath Rowin’s “Success video.” “I hope you get robbed,” said megacoasterfan. Abigor315 posted, “enjoy your new found unhappyness.”

And then other YouTube users begged him for money, whether to pay off a house, student loans, or just because “I ALSO WANNA BE RICH!!!!!!!!”

“Ohhh great…On my birthday this guy is gonna be a millionaire and I’m going to be stuck at home eating some…I kinda hope this is some hoax or something…” pleaded EightDimensionFilms.

Well, EightDimensionFilms, your birthday wish came true. At the show, the mysterious Benjamin sat down to write the check and make Rowin the most resented person in New York City. Before the end of the show, Rowin gave an inspiring speech encouraging the audience to “swing big and believe in your ideas…Something will pay off.”

He concluded with, “Sometimes you will ask for a million dollars and you will get it. But, sometimes you ask for it and you don’t,” before lighting the check aflame as it disappeared into thin air. The stage went dark.

Congratulations, Craig, on fooling thousands of people and proving the power of YouTube gullibility. “I was happy for Craig,” said Mark Dowling, a 20-year old sketch writer who attended the show last night. “I went to the show because I thought I might win some money. I think it’s what we all expected though.”

It was a practical joke that many saw coming, but we all still enjoyed following the fun.

Check out the behind-the-scenes of Rowin’s $1 million hoax!

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