Doug Stanhope weighs in on Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes jokes

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doug2Who better to weigh in on Ricky Gervais offending people at the Golden Globes than one of the most offensive/hilarious comics of our time? Comedian Doug Stanhope recently gave his highly uncensored opinion about the hoopla over Ricky Gervais’ hosting job to Scotland’s Sunday Herald. Here’s a taste:

What has always twisted my spine in hate and will seemingly continue to do so is the fact that one contentious piece of material from a comedian can cause such an uproar, yet the masses of tired, pedestrian comedy that is dumped regularly on the populace never causes any furore anywhere outside the green room door. If there is cause for outrage, it shouldn’t be when people are occasionally offended but when they are repeatedly bored. One comic getting into a heated altercation with an audience member will make every newspaper, yet 300 ticket sales every night for months at a suburban Jongleurs would barely make a Twitter post.

Stanhope is the kind of guy who, whether you agree with his opinion or not, always registers a thoughtful, funny argument. Check out the piece in its entirety here.

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  • Onus Spears

    Stanhope is 100% right fucking ON!

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