Iranian refugee is “female comedian of the year”; talks women’s rights, racism

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Zinat PirzadehWhen I think of how refugees acclimate to a new home nation, stand-up comedy isn’t the first method that comes to mind.

But, for Zinat Pirzadeh, an Iranian refugee who now resides in Sweden, performing comedy has provided her with an outlet to discuss some uncomfortable, controversial issues that have weighed on her, like racism, women’s rights and religious fundamentalism. Though her blunt comic routines have incited some negative reactions, including death threats, she was named 2010’s “Female Comedian of the Year” for Sweden.

She has a incredibly compelling story. Check out the video from below to get a better idea of where Pirzadeh comes from– both geographically and psychologically. Enjoy.

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    Wow what an interesting story. Great video, thanks for the post!

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