Video: Satirists replacing “N-Word” in Huckleberry Finn with “R-Word”

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NewSouth Books, Inc. wants to literally rewrite history by replacing the “N-word” with the (oh, yeah, less offensive) word “Slave” in revised copies of the “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” Why stop there, say Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine, who want to substitute the “R word” for the “N-word” in their reimagining of the Mark Twain classic. Yup, Diani and Devine want to introduce the world to… Robot Jim!

To read the thrilling tale of a rascally boy and his befriended robot floating along the Mississippi River (Twain’s first draft, scholars believe), simply donate by clicking here.

The one obstacle: Diani and Devine need to raise at least $6,000 fast — by exactly 7:15 p.m. EST on March 11. The duo will reward contributors with prize packs ranging from a PDF copy of the book to physical copies of the book to acknowledgements, Robot Jim prints, figurines or your name (or anyone else’s name) in the text.

If you love a good spoof and are not one of those “R-word” hatin’ automatonophobes (danger, danger, someone who fears robots), pledge now! Check out the hilarious video below if you need more convincing.

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  • Lawson

    I do a bit about this, and this is great.

  • Harrison

    …slave is less “offensive” than the ‘n’ word

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