Amy Schumer goes nude for Cosmopolitan; Happy Valentine's Day!

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Amy SchumerIn our recent interview with comedian Amy Schumer, we chatted with her about her upcoming naked photo shoot with Cosmopolitan. Well, that upcoming shoot is no longer upcoming; it’s here.

So, of course, we wanted to share it with you. And don’t get us wrong. It’s not all about the cool pic; the article, titled “How to be Ballsy– In Any Situation” is an inspirational without-being-hokey and hilarious guide to finding, um, your balls. So, read it!

Schumer told Punchline Magazine about the idea for the shoot:

The concept was really simple, but then this article is about how I gained confidence as a comedian, and also how I gained confidence with men. It’s just from making so many mistakes, that ultimately, when you’re bombing, you’re trying to get to the next joke, and maybe this one will go better – it’s the same way if you meet somebody. It’s about getting confidence from being completely vulnerable and realizing that you like yourself.

You can check out the full article by clicking the link below. By the way, the shoot went down with photographer Chris Clinton at the famous Comedy Cellar in New York. Anyway, if you want the full, glossy experience you’ll have to get thee to a newsstand and lay your money down, which we highly recommend.

Amy Schumer in Cosmo!

And if that’s not enough, check out this sweet Schumer video below, wherein she gives us all some much-needed dating advice.

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  • Sixx1313

    She’s like the girl next door growing up except she’s hot, dirty and funny

  • travis blue

    amy is so fucking hot, man just one night with her having fun and what ever she wants to do will make my day or night. I love her comedy show cant wait until it comes on so I can laugh my ass off. keep up the good work amy and stay beautiful cause you are all that and somemore with your sexy ass.

  • mike

    what male comedian turns you on? if you could have had a chance to be the last person to ask jonathan winters and George carlin a question, what would you have asked them? what sexual position have you never tried, but wish to? who is funnier, Colbert or Stewart?

  • brother james

    apparently, if your father is a rich congressman, you can have a career in show business even if you are not good looking or very funny. promotional hype rules the sheeple. just talk real slutty, and everyone will think you are talented. what passes for entertainment is getting a little scary.

  • Ed Ancona

    Amy is THE ONE!!!! I FUCKIN LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!! I will always try to see her when she comes to Los Angeles.

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