Sam Kinison friend claims late comedian fathered ex-wife’s child

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Sam KinisonThe life of a stand-up comedian is rarely squeaky clean, and sometimes it turns into a bit of a scandal, even if said comedian hasn’t been around for years. The late Sam Kinison’s former friend and opening act, Carl La Bove, has reportedly obtained DNA evidence to show that Kinison fathered a daughter with La Bove’s ex-wife.

He’s hoping that the evidence will free La Bove from nearly $188,000 in child support payments from the past 13 years, and will enable him to continue working as a comic.

La Bove’s petition will be officially heard in court on March 29.

A drunk driver struck Kinison’s car in 1992; he died in La Bove’s arms that night. Check out the Associated Press coverage for the in-depth story.

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  • ZacShipley

    “feeding her child”
    Is this is a joke? Kinison died in 1992. The “child” is 21 now. At 21, I was feeding myself. not that the Kinision estate isn’t responsible for at least some of that money, but La Bove’s petition is the more important part of the story since it frees him from being a deadbeat dad/criminal.

  • Douglas

    her child is in her 20’s now. let the ‘kid’ feed herself

  • dwaghalter

    Here’s hoping that the mother can in turn sue Kinison’s estate for the money, which will enable her to continue feeding her child.

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