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Daniel Tosh

I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m not as huge a fan of Tosh.0 as it seems most comedy consumers are. I like it! I like it! Don’t yell at me. I think it’s a good show. Since its debut two years ago, however, I’ve had a hard time separating what I knew about Tosh’s stand-up to what I was seeing on Comedy Central each week.

Put simply, I don’t love seeing Tosh even slightly fettered. Right, right. I know. On Tosh.0, he really lays into a lot of people and takes it steps further than most television hosts and all that. It’s true, he does. But, it’s nothing compared to the shit that comes out of his mouth when he’s doing stand-up. That, my friends, is magical.

Tosh’s new hour-long special Happy Thoughts — his second for Comedy Central — premieres March 6. I’ve watched an advance copy; it’s outstanding. It’s filled with all the horrible things I’d expect Tosh to say; he does his best to alienate women, minorities, sports heroes and more– solely in the name of getting laughs. He also tells jokes about taking a shit. Those — one of which is embedded below — are even well-constructed.
Daniel Tosh – Reverse Toilet

Even better than the upcoming special, which obviously is a bit censored, is the full-length album version of Happy Thoughts. I suggest you spend your money on that– and, of course keep watching Tosh.0. But to those of you who were intro’d to Tosh via Tosh.0, you should check out his first album True Stories I Made Up and his first Comedy Central special, Completely Serious. Tosh.0 gives you but a fraction of all there is to enjoy about Daniel Tosh.

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  • Dylan P. Gadino

    hey, Phil… it’s his second HOUR-long special.

    “Tosh’s new hour-long special Happy Thoughts — his second for Comedy Central — premieres March 6.”

    “second” modifies “hour-long.”

  • phil

    Completely Serious wasn’t Tosh’s first special. He had a comedy central presents episode several years before that.

  • http://tosh.o keith web lambeth

    your one funny mfer.. I laugh till i fart sometimes.. sounds like a trumpet player with hickups. keep it comein there dan da man. but no more what what in da butt

  • Sean Iacono

    I’ll be watching this for sure. Tosh.0 is crap. Daniel Tosh is as funny as he can be on that show, but he really doesn’t have much creative room. His stand up on the other hand has always made me laugh.

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