Dylan Brody: A Twist of Wit

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Dylan BrodyIt’s not every comedy album that opens with an elaborate palindrome. But then, Dylan Brody is not everybody’s comedian. His third album, A Twist of the Wit, is a dense journey into the mind of self-loathing neurotic (his words, not mine) who knows more words than almost everyone and who occasionally pretends not to understand English just to irritate new neighbors.

Brody very accurately describes his stories as ‘lengthy and heavy and multi-textured shades of gray.’ A playwright (and general humorist) at heart, he refers to his stories as ‘pieces’ rather than ‘bits,’ and they cover everything from homeless magicians stealing his money to deeply confessional conversations about experimenting with homosexuality in an attempt to better relate to his bisexual father.

He’s the only comedian I can think of who would even attempt a joke about an opera based on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle – “a show that cannot find its natural conclusion if anyone is there to see it,” – and his extended piece about his beloved dogs is perfectly done.

For wordsmiths, Brody’s album will be a dream. He quite obviously loves language and enjoys manipulating it– almost to a fault. I guarantee you’ll never hear the phrase ‘a tantalizing taste of linguistic terpsichore’ in anyone else’s comedy routine. (Or ever again in your life, for that matter.) As he says, “I’m a huge grammar dork. I’ll correct people on the difference between nauseous and nauseated. That means not only will I correct your grammar, but I’ll do it when you’re at your most vulnerable.”

For pure comedy fans, however, Brody’s approach may be more difficult to appreciate. There are times that Brody seems to be delivering more of a spoken-word poetry set than a stand-up comedy performance. He repeats phrases and sentences more for dramatic effect than for any augmented punchline, and some of his pieces are self-indulgent and distressingly light on laughs.’’

But if you’re looking for something that is completely out of the box, then A Twist of the Wit is right up your convoluted alley. As Brody says, “I’ve got mouthwash in my shoes, I’ve got hair gel in my shorts, I’m ready to work!”

To grab yourself a copy of A Twist of Wit, just click the image below.

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