Comedian Mike DeStefano's funeral services announced

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Mike DeStefano

Comedian Mike DeStefano was scheduled to perform his one-man show A Cherry Tree in the Bronx off-Broadway at the Barrow Street Theater tomorrow. Because of his untimely passing on Sunday after he suffered a massive heart attack, tomorrow instead will be the first of three days where family, friends and fans will pay their last respects.

There will be viewings at the Schuyler Hill Funeral Home in the Bronx, NY from 2 -4 pm and 7 – 9 pm tomorrow and Thursday. A funeral will be held Friday at 10:30 a.m. at St. Benedicts’s Church in the Bronx. In lieu of flowers, DeStefano’s family is requesting that donations in Mike’s name be made to the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society.

For more details on Mike and his death, please visit our story from yesterday.

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  • Logi Jes

    Mike is the reason I watched LCS last season, and just waited for him got get on stage. Went on youtube I try to find anything and everything with his standup. Then he made such and impression on my that I wanted to contact him, just to let him know what a great comedian he is… and I find out that he has passed away!

    His humor was great and as a cop I can relate to his sarcastic and often ruthless jokes. Would have liked to have seen him on stage and maybe had that chance to meet him.

    My thoughts go out to his family and close friends! Sorry for your loss.

    Just a cop from Iceland.
    Logi Jes

  • Cass Wall

    I only knew Mike from his appearance on WTF with Marc Maron and listening to OK Karma which I purchased after loving his interview.

    I saw a lot of me in him and I really appreciated that. A lot of tough talk and a love of everyone.

    I just can’t believe how untimely this was. Not that there is any good time to lose such an upstanding and funny guy.

    Joe, you have my deepest condolences.

  • Roberto Rivera

    I did not know him personally but I went to one of his shows and he was so funny. I bought the DVD “White boyz in the hood” because of him..

    Now he can go ride the Harley with Franny without any worries.

    To his family and friends, sorry for the lost
    RIP mike. You will be missed.


  • Whitey

    Hey Joey-Mikey loved you so much and talked-no bragged about you to me so many times. I swear to you he saved my life when my wife kicked me to the curb-would be on my doorstep telling me to get out of the house like a tactical squad on my darkest days. I sat through many of his comedy shows with him and was treated like a king everywhere we went-not Rodney. I am so sad that I can’t make it to New York for his services to show my respect for the great man that he was-Whitey

  • brian

    I voted for Mike on LCS. He was a man of God. Peace of Christ to all of you.

  • mike

    I didn’t know Mike but I watched him every week on last comic standing. He always made me smile and I remember being extremely dissapointed that he did not win the contest. Even though I didn’t know him personally I felt like I could relate to all of his comedy bits. I do not remember a time feeling so sad over the passing of someone who I never even met personally. Rest in peace mike.


  • Joe Destefano

    To all Mikeys friends and fans,

    The last few days have been like a terrible nightmare. When Mikey died I thought that if he had a little more time he would have made it all the way to the top. Then I was contacted by lot of people who I didnt know who told me how much mikey touched their lives. Even some people who said they only met mikey once! The overwhelming love that so Many people have for my Brother Mikey made me Realize HE MADE IT PAST THE TOP!! Mikey I have no Idea how Im going to live the rest of my life without you! I Just want to say to EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO LOVED MIKEY THANK YOU! Even if I dont get to speak with you or get a chance to personally acknowlege you Please know you are truly appreciated!

    Thank You so very Much

    Joe D

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