Doug Stanhope recorded new album and DVD at former Nazi hangout in Norway

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Generally, when we think of settings for comedy shows, a few kinds of venues come to mind: a small club, a bar, a theater, something like that. Doug Stanhope’s new live CD/DVD package, however, takes us to a unique space: an abandoned sewing machine factory turned German WWII bunker in Grünerløkka, a suburb of Oslo, Norway.

Nothing says comedy like an abandoned warehouse!

And apparently, Stanhope and management did not set out to film the special in this specific location: they wanted to capture his comedy in the most spontaneous, real way possible. It’s certainly a ballsy move, considering how much production and preparation can go into creating a comedy album.

Says Stanhope, “I didn’t know we be filming in an abandoned warehouse, formerly a swanky hang-out for high-ranking Nazis. I never considered it would be in front of an English-as-a-second-language audience. Mostly, I never considered that I had nothing rehearsed. In short, it was like any other gig that actually happens out on the road, something you rarely see in a comedy release. So, fuck it. Here it is.”

So, if you love spontaneity and brutal honesty – and factories – check out Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere, available for purchase on May 3rd.

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  • Lawson

    I could listen to Stanhope perform comedy in the bathroom of an AIDS clinic. I don’t care where he performs, because I know it’ll be thought provoking, insightful, dark and fucking funny.

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