30 Rock recap: “Queen of Jordan”

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30 Rock – Season 5 Episode 11 – “Queen of Jordan”

Are you okay, guys? Two weeks without 30 Rock was hard on many, and we just want you to know that Punchline is here if you need anything. After last night’s “Queen of Jordan” you’re probably recovering. Belly full with the tender meat of a quality episode. So just sit back and relax. We made it! We’re going to be okay.

Dreams finally came true this week as we got to see a full episode of Angie Jordan’s reality TV show “Queen of Jordan.” Along with the entourage that includes her gay hairdresser (and homosexual party planner) D’Fwan and her drunk-white-lady friend Randi, Angie runs around 30 Rock proclaiming her happiness as a nearly single woman – because we all know that Tracy is still in Africa.

She has a new single “My Single is Dropping” … and it’s dropping. So she needs to get a release party poppin. Jack, in his infinite wisdom, asks Liz to be in charge of it so that she can be around Angie, and convince her to get Tracy back to the states. Classic reality TV: lies, deception, weave pulling, tears. The 30 Rock team really pulled together and stuck to the tradition of trashy reality TV that you love to hate.

Of course, Jenna takes every opportunity to get on camera, plugging her new website www.Jennas-Side.com … yes. Things that sound like genocide. Fantastic. When that doesn’t work – Jenna asks Pete to perform an intervention so that she can feel the glory of redemption and be certain that she gets camera time. This, of course, backfires.

At the same time, we see that Jack struggles with the reality TV format. During the first shots of the day, Jack trips in his office. And this delicious video is used over and over again during the episode while his statements about his days playing sports at Princeton sound … incredibly homoerotic. Soon – Jack is portrayed as “Tracy’s Gay Boss.” For once, he isn’t totally in charge of the content and he doesn’t know what to do with that. Eventually, he convinces D’Fwan of his heterosexuality because he is an atrocious dancer. That felt like an easy out, but it was a nice wrap-up to the storyline.

Simultaneously, we come to find out that Frank was at the center of a teacher-student affair 20 years ago and the woman he fell in love with is finally being released from prison. Played by Susan Sarandon (swoon), Lynn comes back into Frank’s life. Even though he was the “most amazing eighth grader she’d ever met” she realized he’d never grown up. Probably because of their affair. Frank attempted redemption at the end of the episode, so there’s no telling what might come of those two creepy lovebirds.

And, of course, we come to find out that Angie misses Tracy very much but he just won’t come home. Seeing Angie shine in this episode was great, and she had an incredible number of one-liners. Writers’ note: Saying “Damn woman, I wanna make love to your neck!” is not okay to say to a co-worker at 8am on a Friday morning.

This, however, feels like an appropriate end to Tracy Morgan’s medical leave because the show feels tapped out. There are only so many times that we can watch Liz run around wondering how she’s going to have it all when her star is gone.

Did anyone else feel like this episode fell a little bit flat?

Favorite tidbits:

· “Who the f**k are the Beatles?” – Angie

· Business weave

· D’Fwan forgetting his catchphrase

· “I’ve wanted this since I was a little … drunk the other day and rented out a studio” – Angie

· “Angie! Look what the banister did to me!” – Tracy (in flashback)

· “Is this the restaurant I’m opening with Dennis Rodman and Webster?!” -Angie

· Christian illiterate

· “I refuse to wear anything in my size or appropriate for my age” – Angie

· Kenneth, Elderly Page

· “I drank all the drinking wine!” – Jenna

· “If you didn’t get better at the shuttle cock, they were going to take you to the hospital” –Lynn (Sarandon)

· “There is NOTHING gay about the Princeton fight song” –Jack

· “It was the chair” – Jack

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