South By Southwest Comedy recap: Day 6 (the final day)

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sxswWell folks, SXSW 2011 has come to an end. Saturday marked the final day of the 9-day festival and the stellar stand-up comedy showcases and performances put the week to pasture in the best way possible.

Slight change for tonight’s recap: we’re sparing you the nitty-gritty details of the stand-up showcases. The performing comics for both the early and late shows did not diverge substantially from Friday night’s lineup, and we don’t want to inundate you with more of the same.

“The Benson Interruption,” however, offered spontaneous comic moments even with comedians who had been onstage at SXSW already.

Kicking off the five-comic lineup was, once again, Doug Mellard, who showed off (or, perhaps, publically lamented) an unfortunate tattoo of a now-ex-girlfriend, retouched from “I Love Alli” to “I Love Alligators.” Note to self: only date people whose names can be reformatted into exotic animals. Learn from Mellard.

Rob Cantrell took the stage next, and the two chatted about some of the weirder aspects of Austin. That topic is sort of a given, since the city’s motto is (surprise) “Keep Austin Weird.” Around these parts, a comedy club with fish and mermaids covering the walls or a peace parade featuring a Sergeant Pepper-style marching band is standard practice.

Third in line was Chelsea Peretti, whose set was punctuated to good effect by allusions to old school comedy. When an audience member replenished Benson’s drink, for example, real live spit take! When Peretti commented on her lack of period jokes – female comedians only do jokes about their periods, natch – Benson said he thought she meant jokes about the 1800s. Which, of course, would be hilarious if they incorporated spit takes. Always funny.

Crowd pleaser Brody Stevens returned after Peretti, initiating his ridiculously energetic set by drumming on a stool to the Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” His motivational speaker, “That’s How I Roll” shtick continued playing well to the crowd, and he even left the stage to interact with the audience á la warm-up act a full hour into the show. Never too late, right?

Closing up was Eugene Mirman. After some chatting about the negative aspects of performing at music festivals (i.e. subwoofers all over the place), the two engaged in a Tweet Off. Since it was the second Benson Interruption and the last comic, however, Benson had already read so many of his own tweets that he instead read some of Twitter-maven Rob Delaney’s one-liners.

Stand-up showcases notwithstanding, that’s all, folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed our recaps and content from the SXSW festival. With such an incredible line-up of comedians all week, it’s been an absolute pleasure to share the magic with you all.

Though the week is done, all is not forgotten! Stay tuned for some bonus SXSW content…

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