30 Rock recap: the hour-long 100th episode!

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30 Rock

Hey, guys, I apologize to the few of you who noticed that this recap is posting later than usual … I’m covering the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, OR and I had to DVR 30 Rock last night – it was like missing my fictional daughter’s ballet recital for my fictional son’s soccer game.


So this was the 100th episode of both TGS and 30 Rock. We know that Tracy isn’t sure about coming back, because he’s trying to get people to hate him again. Now that he’s an Oscar winning actor, people take him so seriously that he just wants to disappear.

Kabletown CEO Hank Hooper tells Jack and Liz that he is going to cancel the show – right before its 100 episode mark. As usual, Jack sticks his neck out for Liz and the gang by asking for their milestone show, promising Tracy Jordan’s return. Hooper says he’ll see the next show and then re-evaluate his decision to cancel TGS.

While reminiscing on the last five years, Kenneth reminds Jenna that after the first show she said if they made it to 100 episodes, she would carry his child. What a funny notion, he declares! But Jenna gets an idea – baby = publicity. She starts asking everyone around her what they think, and everyone but Kenneth decides that she would make a terrible mother.

In the first of many cameos, Michael Keaton plays one of the building’s maintenance men who realizes that there’s a dangerous gas leak on the same floor as TGS. Everyone has to evacuate. Liz decides they have to scrap everything they’ve written and start from scratch – this show has to be the best thing they’ve ever done. Ever. While the staff is out on the plaza, Liz has sent Tracy to do the morning show circuit, to show off how insane he is – but nobody believes him. They keep running their mouths about his dedication to the craft – and Tracy reverts back to hiding away and promising to quit show business.

Soon, the gas leak moves to the 52nd floor, where Jack resides. As soon as it does, Jack starts hallucinating. Out comes Other Dimension Jack, who tells Real Jack about all he’s missed by not following the plan, and staying in television. Other Dimension Jack says Liz Lemon is the worst thing to happen to them. That she is ruining it for Real Jack.

Jack and Liz soon take their frustrations out on one another and decide that they would be better off without each other in their lives.

Part one ends with Liz finding out that in a gas-induced haze, she called Dennis Duffy. Reminiscing about the last five years made her think of him, and she wasn’t so sure he was that bad a guy. Dennis promises to fight for her because he knows they’re meant to be.


Okay, so the gas leak is all cleared up and everyone gets to head back into the office. Jack and Liz still aren’t speaking and it doesn’t look good. Liz decides to take Tracy to a strip club – the place he can go and act like an asshole. But it turns out every stripper in the place saw his Oscar-winning performance in “Hard to Watch” and he changed their lives. Now, he’s trapped and even more freaked out than before.

Jenna realizes that Kenneth is the only man that would approve her having a baby – so she decides to seduce him. Even the whale sperm candle she borrows from Tracy doesn’t work and Kenneth tells her he simply can’t have relations with her. Soon, she has a hysterical pregnancy – which means that they got to use her pregnant belly for 20 minutes.

Tracy is sulking in his room when Jenna finds him and reminds him that the only way that famous people can really lose respect is by shooting someone. It’s so crazy it just might work.

Because he’s insane, Dennis Duffy has messed with the gas line again, so that Liz will fall back into lust with him. During this time Jack sees Past Jack – an 80s version of him that will forever haunt my dreams (in an erotic fashion). Past Jack tells him that he doesn’t want to end up a loser, and he’s got to fire Liz to keep them on track.

Dennis finds Liz who is high as all getout, and convinces her to get back together with him and have a life they wanted. The life they had five years ago.

As Jack (along with his Past and Other Self) head to the elevator, and meet up with Future Jack, who looks like he’s come straight out of a Tron movie and again … I am aroused. He tells Jack that staying on this trajectory means a happy life, and that he shouldn’t fire Liz because she’s good for him. He also informs Real Jack that Liz is with Dennis. Jack has to decide if Liz is still his mentee and friend, or just someone holding him back.

Kenneth and Tracy, high on gas fumes, decide that Tracy must shoot Kenneth in order to stay in the public eye as a Crazy Person. After having a tender moment, Liz and Jack band together again, and remind Tracy of what’s important. If he stays on television, he will be the laughing stock of other actors – so he has to stay on TGS. It’s the only way to get back to where he was before that god damn Oscar.

With five minutes to the show, the gang bands together only to realize that they were all so high when they wrote the script, that none of it makes sense. Hooper is in the audience, and Liz busts the gas pipe again. Everyone will be so high they won’t know how bad it is. They’ll save the show. And god damn it, you guys, she does it.

This hour felt like the kind of writing we’ve been missing out on the last few episodes. The characters were back to their stereotypical selves, they triumphed over ridiculous situations, and they made it through another week.

Favorite tidbits:
“I was in the middle of bidding on a bag of bras on eBay”
Troll penises
The cameos, especially from Brian Williams, Matt Lauer & Tom Hanks
“I lied to all you ugly white ladies”
“You fly free. I’m a bird in a cage.”
“How about a little less self respect and a little more squatting!?”
“Cause you’re a cook in the bedroom and a whore in the kitchen”
“This tuxedo is made out of the puma I rode into our 50th birthday party”
“My motorcycle got impounded for being parked too awesome”
“We’re all thinkin’ it, so I’m just gonna say it, we’re all going to have sex with each other, right?”
“Sorry, recurring hobos!”

Check out the full episode below:

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