T-shirt company launches comedian t-shirt line for charity; Maria Bamford kicks it off

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Maria BamfordOne of the best things about comedy is that it builds community. There’s something about watching a comic, whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or in a club surrounded by a few friends and many strangers, that connects us. Shared laughter builds bridges, man.

That’s why we’re always thrilled when someone uses comedy to keep building community and supporting good causes.

And that’s where Punchy Tee comes in. This new Austin-based company – and it’s really brand new, having launched just last week – will sell one t-shirt design every month, featuring a design of a comic’s liking. At the end of the month, they’ll roll out a new shirt with a new comic.

This month’s shirt is all Maria Bamford, which incorporates the essence of one of her trademark routines. The tee says, “Maria Bamford supports me in my journey,” and a whole host of whimsical animals. Including a two-headed pug.

maria bamford

But if you want the shirt, you have to act now: come June, Bamford’s shirt will no longer be available. We’re talking legit limited editions, guys.

They’ve got some great stand-up comics lined up for future t-shirts, like Todd Glass and Paul Scheer. If you’re looking for the most mainstream comics, though, you might look elsewhere: Joe Miner, Punchy Tee’s Director of Internet Marketing, told Punchline Magazine that their featured comics are more “the comedy equivalent of the indie rock band.”

In other words, their comics might not be insanely famous household names, but they have healthy niche appeal for comedy nerds.

Aside from the prospect of getting a kickass limited edition stand-up comedy graphic t-shirt, this company is so socially conscious it warms our tender hearts. Not only will they print only on American Apparel shirts, they’ll be shipping the shirts in biodegradable packaging, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to a charitable cause. For this month, that’s the Austin Children’s Shelter.

So, in a nutshell: you get a funny t-shirt, the comedian gets some solid exposure, and a charity gets some cash donations.

“We’re trying to approach this business in a way that makes everybody a winner,” Miner says.

Pretty sure they did it.

For more details on Punchy Tee, and to nab yourself a limited edition Maria Bamford t-shirt until June rolls around, check punchytee.com, or follow them on Twitter at @punchytee.

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