Watch four minutes of Whitney Cummings' NBC show "Whitney"

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Whitney Cummings had a huge pilot season, as two of her shows were picked up by networks. The one in which she stars, Whitney, was scooped up by NBC and will co-star comedian Chris D’Elia. Centering around the pair’s live-in relationship, it takes somewhat edgy look at contemporary romance. You can check out a nice chunk of the pilot episode below. Watch it all and tell us what you think!

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  • Flicka247

    I’ve been looking forward to the season premiere of ‘Whitney’ all summer long. I’ve never liked Whitney Cummings but this show looked like it had potential. So I was definitely excited to give it a shot.
    My boyfriend and I couldn’t make it through 5 minutes of this show. We just kept looking at each other saying “Is this for real?” Taping in front of a live studio audience was a terrible mistake. Who does that anymore anyways? The constant laughing is annoying as hell. And they’re laughing at things that aren’t even something to laugh at. It’s ridiculous. VERY disappointed. 

  • siobhan

    Looks pretty funny to me! Definitely geared towards women. It is nice to see a comedy show with a female lead!

  • Mike

    This is a joke right? This is an internet “gag” video of some sorts, mocking something that an insane person would create right? Yes? No? If this is real….. well…..oh boy.

  • bill hilly

    lame. there’s nothing edgy about it and the comedy is aimed at the lowest common denominator. i guess if you turn off your mind and stare at the tv like a zombie then at some point you will laugh along with the canned laughter.

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