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Don JamiesonSeven tracks into Don Jamieson’s raucous and obscene stand-up album, Live and Hilarious, there’s an unfortunately timed bit called, “Obama, Osama, Airport Security,” in which Jamieson asserts that Obama isn’t doing enough to find OBL and end the war on terror.

The inclusion of the track, though of course unintentional, renders the album almost instantly dated; and that’s too bad, because Live and Hilarious is otherwise the best of what you’d expect from Jamieson. On the upside, this characterization almost makes for an interesting testament to the very essence of 2011-ness. “I love Mexicans, they’re hard workers!” he booms in his sonorous style, and then proceeds to outline the myriad ways in which sex, booze, celebrities, and the Ground Zero Mosque are all wildly relevant to his observational lens.

But it isn’t all just Millennial-oriented – as the co-host (along with fellow comedian Jim Florentine and music personality Eddie Trunk) of VH1 Classic’s The Metal Show, Jamieson has a broad range of topicality, and indeed does appeal to a cross generational span of fans. As though straight out of the acid washed ‘80s, he’s a part of the everlasting ripple effect spawned by Sam Kinison. And a close listen to this album gives evidence to a Kinisonian torch-bearing body of work. In other words, the album never wants for ribald imagery, delivered in a single punchy, jam-packed session.

Jamieson’s most obvious and distracting flaw is that his material is far from original. If you’re already a Jamieson convert, you’ll dig that his potty-mouthed posturing and raw energy has finally been captured on a live album. Those less familiar will most likely want to acquaint themselves with the source of the material, first. And al Quaida comedy fans can also bask in their one glorious moment in time before it all went to shit.

Click the image below to snag yourself a copy of Live and Hilarious.

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