Is ‘The Office’ easier to watch without Steve Carell?

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Steve Carell

Dear God,

Please don’t destroy the world on Saturday; I need to live long enough to find out who’s the boss of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. I know this is akin to taking your name in vain, but I am worshipping The Office again, especially without the god of goofy, Michael Scott, the buffoonish altered ego of the brilliant Steve Carell. Blasphemy, I know.

But finally, I can watch without cringing, wincing, sledgehammering my skull in disbelief or popping handfuls of Ativan as if they were Skittles to relieve the anxiety I felt whenever Michael behaved boorishly, which, of course, was always almost always. The absence of the grudgingly likable but painfully dim Michael recasts the spotlight on the resigned but somewhat rejuvenated staff, particularly Jim Halpert, who, at least in the last two episodes of the season, acted like so much more than a button-down smirk.



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  • Anthony

    man, you couldn’t be more spot on. All Michael did was try to own every scene and it hurt the show. I too, cringed every time he opened his mouth to talk. The show is so much better now. I loved the Will Ferrell ep but I understand why he couldn’t stay. I loved the Dwight as boss ep but obviously, long term that’s not a good idea. And I loved the finale. I think they need to go with Jim Carrey. I think he will continue to allow the entire cast to flourish (speaking of which, can’t we just get rid of Phyllis and Kevin now already? geez they’re awful) and when he’s unavailable, his character could be “off in the Finger Lakes” which I think will play well. Plus, it really doesn’t need a full time boss.

  • The McFadden Minute

    Dear John (if we can echo a sitcom of decades gone by),

    We loved M. Scott, but The Office didn’t suck.

    We here at The McFadden Minute think it might be a Cheers situation. Remember when Shelly Long left and the show recreated itself.

    Hope so and also hope the world doesn’t go pffft this weekend!

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