Adam Carolla steals Guinness World Record away from Ricky Gervais

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After challenging Ricky Gervais, who he jokingly called a communist, Adam Carolla and his podcast, broke the Guinness World Record for most downloads of a podcast, shattering the number Gervais once owned as the most. Carolla got to astonishing 59,574,843 downloads from 2009 to 2011 without even being mentioned in Rolling Stone‘s Top Ten Comedy Podcasts of the Moment List.

Not only is this an amazing accomplishment for Carolla who has been rebuilding his talk radio empire ever since his daytime talk radio show on 97.1 FREE FM was taken off the air, but it’s a milestone for comedy podcasts everywhere. With the convenience of being able to listen to them whenever you want, pause, replay, etc., people are catching on.

In an interview with Huffington Post, the Nerdist, Chris Hardwick claimed that the days of the comedy album are coming to an end because of the rise of the podcast. Perhaps, Carolla’s new Guinness World record is further proof of that.

Here’s a clip of Adam Carolla on Jimmy Kimmel Live making the announcement that he broke the Guinness Record for Podcast Downloads.

[via Ploplist]

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  • Chip_Chipperson

    LOL @ ted409: ” ive never listened to his talk show since im waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the area”… uh, this article is about his talk show being a popular podcast, downloadable on the “WORLD WIDE WEB”. If you can leave a post here then you can’t be too far away to DL the podcast too mate… I love Ace’s podcast, and do listen periodically when O&A are in “Best Of” mode…

  • fat_matt

    F stern. he talks over all his guests….typical annoying J. i’ve gone to ron bennington or listen to O&A.

  • ted409

    just saw him on carson dalys show and he wasnt that way at all . ive never listened to his talk show since im waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the area

  • movonup

    I don’t get it, why is this guy popular? He’s a Stern rip-off, and never let’s his guests get a word in edge wise. Recently he replayed an interview with Greg Giraldo. Adam talks over him the entire time. Most of the conversation you can hear Giraldo going “um hmm” over and over again because Adam won’t allow him to speak. I’ll say this much Adam has balls, he uses H. Stern’s format, and no one calls him on it. I just don’t get it. Corolla is just plain annoying.