Eugene Mirman buys ads to embarrass cable company; likens them to Stalin

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Eugene Mirman

If you’re familiar with Eugene Mirman’s body of work you know, by now, that he doesn’t take too kindly to a company’s poor quality of customer service– Chase bank and Delta airlines are two of his past corporate enemies.

Well, Mirman moved a few weeks ago and was not pleased with Time Warner Cable’s inability to show up to their scheduled installation appointments. He aired his grievances the way a lot of normal customers would: he wrote a letter.

What normal people usually don’t do, however, is pay for ad space in local newspapers so that everyone can read said letter. But Mirman is no normal person, is he?

The, letter, featured in this week’s Summer Guide issue of New York Press and in the Greenpoint Gazette, features Eugene comparing Time Warner to Stalin and Jeffery Dahmer (as well as Dahmer’s recipe for babaganoush.) He also wishes a plague on them with four differing steps: Awkward, Bathroom, Improv and Popcorn.

You can see the letter below or check it out at


UPDATE: 3:37 pm EST

And here’s a video of Eugene reading the letter!

[via Gotcha Media]

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