Comedian Kyle Cease to inspire college kids with new tour, wants help from Ellen DeGeneres

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Kyle CeaseSo, it seems comedian Kyle Cease is done pushing his much-criticized stand-up comedy bootcamp and is now turning to spreading a slightly new message: you can overcome crippling anxiety just like he has.

He’ll be embarking on what he’s dubbed the Wake Up College Comedy Tour, and he just posted the below video to help him start securing performance dates across the country.

Over the last few years, Cease has attempted to re-reposition himself as somewhat of a life coach who delivers inspirational messages through his skill as an accomplished stand-up comedian.

You can’t deny the messages Cease talks about in the video here are positive ones: in short, be yourself; don’t worry about what others think of you; embrace your childlike abandonment; follow your dreams— all that good stuff.

But I have no doubt the sheer earnestness (listen to the melodramatic music throughout the video) and the way in which Cease has cast himself as almost prophet-like is going to lead to even more criticism.

At one point in the video, a Cease devotee says, “I think he did something pretty new in comedy– using it to get a point across as opposed to using it as [just] a form of entertainment.”

That is not a new concept in comedy, devotee.

Anyway, check out the video below and let us know what you think. Is this a positive thing? Has Cease gone too far? And what about his appeal to Ellen DeGeneres at the end of the video? Is it cool because it’s honest? Or does he sound desperate?

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  • Justin McClure

    I’m not a fan of his comedy, but people like what he does…so there is a market – supply and demand.
    Also, not a big fan of his fanfaronade and self-aggrandizing swag, but I am a fan of his initiative in trying to create something that is ultimately positive and inspiring (to some people).

    Before you issue insolent and crude remarks against Kyle, let me ask ‘you’, what are you doing to create a better experience for the people around you? Kyle has a voice, he’s using it to try and be the example he believes in…if you are issuing slander and hate from your computer without doing a damn thing, well you my friend…are the problem.

    Kyle has been in the game 21 years, as a fellow comic, I have respect for that as well. Do what you do, and only say what you believe in.

  • Josh Homer

    I think most people are rushing to judgement on Kyle. I’m not a big fan of his comedy, but I’ve never taken a class, heard his speech, etc. If you haven’t, how can you make in informed comment on it? YOu’re just like the people on movie websites that rate the movie 6 months before it comes out, both opinions are based on what you think it might be like and not what it actually is.

  • Jon JJS

    What a needy asshole.

  • Kevin B

    What a hack. He’s not sincere, he’s trying to make money. Hey Kyle, still promising people they will become “million dollar headliners” ?
    You are garbage, and bad for comedy.

  • ekim namwen

    this is very polarizing. it’s very easy to hate on one level, yet has a lot to admire on a deeper level. the problem with all motivational speakers is that you never know if they are truly sincere or are doing it just for the money.

  • Josh Homer

    smooth Joey. linking your video that has nothing to do with Cease to it. I like how the video is a bunch of close ups of your face and only glimpses of the damage (or at least that’s what the beginning was before I cut it off because you tricked me into looking at it)

  • Jen Seaman

    I think what Kyle’s trying to do is different and people don’t always understand things that are outside of the mold. Kyle is a sincere guy in his views and has a lot of passion. He’s really helped me personally as a friend and as a comic by helping me let go of caring about what other comics think and using that energy more on stage instead. I really respect that and appreciate it.

  • Joey Vincent

    I attended one of the Standup bootcamps and while I was not 100% satisfied withe the investment I did feel Kyle was trying to do something good for comedy and not take advantage of people. This video explains it all.
    (Video removed because commenter is an idiot)

  • John-Michael Bond

    This video isn’t for anyone but college bookers. Yeah, it’s over the top and trite but this is like catnip to college event bookers. It isn’t meant for comedy fans. This is just a cynical as his comedy boot camp, but you have to respect his hustle.

  • howard the duck

    it’s easy to criticize him for cashing in on the life coach trend and for that he’s a douche, but he’s got some good messages and he seems sincere. i guess it’s a double edged sword. he’s making people think and trying to inspire them, but i’m sure he’s suffering from a jesus complex.

  • Mike

    lotta uggos.

  • Chase

    It looks like he’s transitioned to speaking more from his point of view and actual self as opposed to the weird material, or the “remember this thing” material type stuff. Anyways, good for him. He does come across as a taking himself a little too seriously though in this video.

  • Jason Randall

    I think Cease is sincere in wanting to help people. I follow him on Twitter, and instead of petty one liners, he shares his experiences with trying new things to simply be a happier person.

    I’m not saying the video is without its moments of overselling the point, but I think he is legitimate in what he’s pursuing.

  • Kyle Cease

    bring it on punchline.

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