Comedian to personally sell 500 tickets to his next show; no Internet, phone, box office

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One of the most irritating companies in existence – besides, like, BP or Enron – is TicketMaster. Every time I have to pay an additional fee on an online ticket, I die a little bit inside.

So British comedian Sanderson Jones’ project does not kill my soul and makes me very happy. The comic once sold tickets 25 of his performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – no Internet sales, no phone sales and no box office. And, for his next big show, Jones booked the Union Chapel in London, a 500-seat venue, and will once again be selling all of his tickets personally. Even better, he hopes to use the in-person sales technique to help him customize the show to the people who buy tickets.

He explains on the project’s site,

Doing gigs where I’d personally begged/persuaded the vast majority of the audience to come, crossed some weird boundary of intimacy (not weird like that). Clearly mystical juju takes place when the balance of power is altered, like a million souls crying out at once. As the festival continued a few thoughts coalesced into this idea (creativity in action!): if I could sell that many tickets to 25 shows, wouldn’t it be even more ridiculous to sell all the tickets to one big show?

To get an even better taste of what Jones is trying to accomplish, check out this video.

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  • ekim

    good for him. fuck the greedy middlemen. soon this type of grassroots effort will become the norm. the only problem is that he’d be more successful if he wasn’t so limiting on where he sold the tickets.

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