"Good chance" Joe Rogan will return to 'Fear Factor'

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Joe RoganDuring the question-and-answer segment on his 2007 live album Shiny Happy Jihad, comedian Joe Rogan tells the audience that his time hosting the reality show Fear Factor is done. “I just want to do comedy,” he says. “But I’m a whore. If they offer me more money, I’ll come back.”

Well, four years later the folks at NBC might just come back to Rogan with an offer he can’t refuse. Entertainment Weekly broke the news that the network will reboot the ground-breaking reality show, wherein contestants are challenged to do incredibly horrendous things in order to win money.

And today, the Hollywood Reporter posted an item, quoting executive producer Matt Kunitz saying there’s a “good chance” Rogan will return. “That’s a conversation we’ll be having very soon.”

So, would do you think? Would you like to see Rogan host Fear Factor again? Or do you think he should stick to cranking out great live comedy and albums and DVDs and podcasting– like he’s been doing since he left NBC?

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  • Cody

    This is my number one favorite reality show of all time and I can’t wait for the show to start again. Joe Rogan though I thought he was a great host for the show but I don’t want him to be the host again. Besides he already is working with the show Ultimate Fighting Championship so why should he give that up now for FEAR FACTOR? I think the network needs to find someone new for the job who has that likeable personality that Rogan had.

  • http://www.twitter.com/chaseroper Chase

    I think the real question is: Should Fear Factor return to Fear Factor.

  • allanmsteiner@gmail.com

    Hmm… Now I need to go back and relisten to that episode he did on WTF. He talked quite a bit about his experience on Fear Factor and it didn’t sound like he enjoyed himself that much, but that may be because Maron was sort of leading him on…



  • Psycho

    At first I thought ‘he;d better come back’ but honestly, he has become a more well rounded entertainer with out FF. Fear Factor would not be the same with out him, but his dedicationto comedy, the UFC, drug advocacy, and his podcast have trancended him into a different place. His mind is way to deep for something so simple at this point. He has evolved into something more than a host….

    Love him, and FF….but Joe is better than this at this point.

  • http://twitter.com/Willard_t Willard_T

    To those who may shit on this idea: Which of you would turn down a guaranteed paycheck right now? I say take the money and run, use the experience for more standup material.

  • Marty

    Huge fan of the Rogan podcast. He’s becoming more popular than ever these days and IF he could do it without compromising his podcast and stand-up heck yeh i think he should. Joe Rogan would be the realist personality on television. And if you’ve listened to the podcast you know he wouldn’t do it for anything less than some MEGA $$$, which would enable him to do what he does best that much more: PODCAST!! Do it Joe

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