Interview: Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric chats on DVD and more!

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tim_eric300Brilliant, absurdist sketch comedy freaks Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim gave us a fifth season of genius this year and their Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! DVD (out now!) brought even more tender morsels of awkward humor than I could have even imagined.

Tim and Eric are an acquired taste. Their Adult Swim staple is filled with endless jokes about child molestation, bodily fluids and physical violence – and it is not for everyone.

Each 11-minute episode makes you cringe while laughing uncontrollably. I assure you it is a glorious experience. Season five was totally on point, and took viewers on a more darker ride than usual.

They definitely pushed the limits, but I have yet to meet a fan of theirs who wasn’t totally on board.

The guys are often accompanied by awesome celebrity guests; season five included Richard Dunn, Rainn Wilson, Zack Galifianakis and Paul Rudd. Rudd’s portrayal of himself … watching, well, himself dancing, was one of my favorites sketches of the season. Steve Mahanahan and his Child Clown Outlet sketch sparked my excessive use of my favorite one-liner this season … “I touched a clown and now I’m going to jail.”

But why buy the DVD, you ask? I can see a ton of these clips on the Adult Swim website! You’re, right, reader – you can. But with the DVD you get some awesome added features like extended cuts of some of the best sketches, and delectable outtakes/gag reels that are just as odd as the real deal. As strange as it sounds – it’s nice to see them break once in a while and laugh like real humans. And karaoke. There is karaoke involved, you guys.

As if getting the DVD to look over wasn’t enough, I was told that I got to interview the guys about the DVD. And then I shit myself (See!? Totally my brand of humor!). Below is my interview with Tim (technical difficulty meant Eric and I were unable to converse).

So, why should people buy this DVD? I mean, you can find just about anything for free on the Internets.
TIM: Well the DVD is easily portable. You can bring it with you in a knapsack if you’re going somewhere. And it has extra features. Like goof-‘em-ups and all that junk where we couldn’t keep a straight face. And lots of behind the scenes stuff showing how we make the show.

So this season was obviously a lot darker than the previous one. Was that intentional or did that just happen naturally?
TIM: We got more confident over the series, in our voice and characters, and ideas or references for those who had been along for the ride – they could see some resolution to it. There was way more context there than there had been before – so with those ideas we could run with it.

Have there ever been sketches you worried about writing or had a hard time with?
TIM: Nothing’s coming to mind. We always spend a lot of time on ideas before they need to be shot. So a lot of that decision making comes out in the first stages. A lot of ideas just die on the board.

What is that writing process like?
TIM: It’s us and three other guys (editors and a show producer). There’s no money to pay anybody and keep writers on, so we keep one or two days of brainstorming and amass this big, giant document. That’s about half of it. The other half is done when we’re putting the script together– adding old ideas, and leaving space for improv.

You two have obsessed fans. Creepy ones.
TIM: Yeah, we were at a hotel the other day having a meeting by the pool. Because that’s what we do in Hollywood. And a bus boy came up to us and was kind of geeking out. It was a nice hotel in LA so you’d think they were used to that. But he was just like “fuck it” and asked us for a picture.

You two met in college and have worked together ever since. Do you ever get sick of each other?
TIM: Nope!

TIM: Nope. It’s always fun.

You guys have always had such awesome guests on the show – do they come to you or do you try to hunt them down?
In the first few seasons it was always our friends, but then people started coming to us. We’re really selective with who we work with. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Will Forte works great in our world. John (C. Reilly) obviously worked out for us.

So are there some people who have come to you and you get to tell them no?
TIM: Yes.

Did that feel fantastic?
TIM: Oh yeah. There is one, in particular … I won’t say who it is … but it was pretty awesome to say no.

What have been some of your favorite sketches?
TIM: The Cinco iTanner, Male Broach and Food Tube. Those worked together really well.

What’s next?
TIM: Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Snag yourself the complete season five of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! by clicking the image below!

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