Alec Baldwin says what no one wants to hear about the Anthony Weiner scandal

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Alec BaldwinComedy star and 30 Rock veteran Alec Baldwin posted an opinion piece on today’s Huffington Post about the scandal that never seems to die known as “Weinergate.”

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past two weeks, Rep. Anthony Weiner, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York’s 9th district posted a picture of his underwear-covered penis Twitter. He accidentally sent it as a post, rather than a direct message to the woman it was meant for. Caught in the act, Weiner denied he posted the photo, claiming it was hackers playing a pun on his last name. However, never denied that the photo was of his penis. Ten days after completely unnecessary media frenzy over the event, and more photos leaking, Weiner finally cracked under the pressure and admitted that he sent the photo, and that the photo was of him.

Baldwin a notorious Liberal posted an article not defending, but more explaining Weiner’s actions. He basically argues that in today’s digital age many people use social media and various technology as their main form of connection and companionship with people and that this, at times, might lead to sexual relationships with people. He said that Weiner’s schedule is extremely busy and that he is very much under scrutiny and as a result, it’s understandable that this is how he found connection with people. Baldwin, an outspoken divorcee, never argued in favor of what the politician did; Weiner is married and his wife is reportedly pregnant.

As Jon Stewart has stated many times on The Daily Show – this situation is comedy gold. Whether it be from the cheap and easy puns, or the ongoing jokes about how Weiner is well endowed, there’s no questioning that this situation has provided a lot of good laughs to a lot of people. But ultimately, Baldwin is right, what Weiner did in the end was not entirely acceptable, however mostly understandable. He, like you, me and every comic who’s poked fun at him, is a human being. He’s flawed and he’s under constant scrutiny. The coverage of this event and publicizing of his personal affairs is past the point of unnecessary, and is approaching the point of ridiculous.

Read the Baldwin piece here.

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