Katt Williams melts down onstage; no refunds will be issued

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Katt WilliamsWhen we last left Katt Williams he was being arrested for “intimidating a witness.” As it turns out the troubled comedian returned to the stand-up stage on June 25 in Albuquerque, NM at the Tingley Coliseum but, according to audience members, he didn’t so much perform stand-up comedy as he did babble incoherently, rip off his shirt, bust off a few push-ups and then leave the stage.

Williams was the headliner of a much bigger event (including musical acts dancers and more), promoted by local company Str8lace Entertainment. Local funk band The James Douglas Show was one of the acts on the bill. The day after the event, they posted the following messages on their official Facebook page.

james douglas 1

james douglas 2

An official statement from the promoters has popped up online. Here it is, in full:

For Immediate Release
Official statement from Str8lace Entertainment
RE: Katt Williams Show 06/25/2011

We would like to start by explaining our position in regards to the Katt Williams Concert on June 25, 2011. We have recently been inundated by questions and requests for ticket refunds due to the lack of professionalism displayed by Mr. Williams at the recent concert. We are equally upset by the antics that were displayed for whatever personal reason Mr.Williams might be experiencing. We went above and beyond normal measures to ensure Mr.Williams was in Albuquerque and went onstage. Our expenses in doing so far exceeded our original budget and ticket sales revenues, due to the extra expense brought on by delays, over time rent on the venue, sound, labor, etc. As promoters we did our job as per our contractual obligations. We booked, paid for and promoted the show. ALL of the acts Showed up and performed. Some better than others, but they were all there and performed. We have no control over the content or quality of their performances. While we are disappointed, we feel the liability lies in the hands of Mr.Williams himself. We feel your frustration, and are in the same space financially, At a loss. So we will not be offering refunds of any kind. We are very sorry for the circumstances.

Because we are a small locally owned Promotions company we would in good faith like you to keep your Katt Williams ticket stubs for discount on a soon to be announced show we will put on in an effort to show good faith and give something to our community that were effected by Mr.Williams “Performance”. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Str8laced Entertainment.

One commenter on the Ticketmaster show page reviewed the show, using the title “Drugged Up”:

Katt showed up to Albuquerque 4 hrs late. He was clearly so intoxicated he could not perform. He took off his shirt, pranced around the stage and provoked a few people in the audience before being escorted off stage by police. NO PERFORMANCE AT ALL! I love Katt but I will never pay to see him again. He did not even perform one joke, we all wasted our money and can’t get it back because he “showed up.”

An unnamed source, quoted on AllHipHop.com had this to say, in part:

Yes it was unfortunate what happened, and I’m not taking sides. However anyone that was there, saw Katts behavior for themselves. Spitting chewing tobacco in his hands and rubbing it in his hair, yelling at the audience, leaving the stage to pray, doing push ups, and the list goes on. He did know about the show, he did get paid, he even did a drop on the air talking about how excited he was to come to albuquerque…He showed up late, got served papers, and disappointed alot of people. I again am not defending the actual promoters but everyone who was backstage including Samuel L. Jackson could see that everyone was doing what they could to accomodate Katt and his late arrival and his stage show AND could see that something was wrong with him. Im a huge Katt Williams fan and was sad to see him in that state. But no is responsible for Katt but Katt.

Then there’s the below video, shot by an audience member that night. “Made me sad and upset,” the poster commented on YouTube. “I was so excited, I was on the floor in the 2nd row- for nothing!! I love Katt, it was a shame 2c him like this.”

What do you think about the situation? Should the people get a refund or is the promoter’s offer good enough?

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  • Joe Gunther

    Albuquerque is a filthy, disgusting hole – no wonder he had to get drunk to stand being here. I have to hold my nose every day when I wake up – the stench of disrespectful and stupid people is overwhelming. Taking a dump on stage would be too good for the dunces of Albuquerque.

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  • derka2013

    such a hack.

  • jonn

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    All the sheeple on here complaining need to wake up. The promoters knew he wasn’t there to do his normal comedy routine and it’s their fault for promoting it as such plainly just for the money aspect. The fact is Katt was there to tell whoever would listen “what he knows” about some real shit (the real reason why he went into retirement) and it just so happens that someone who knew why he was there got to him first.

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  • yerrrrp

    na dont6 get back into the game. strate flee cat. work at wal mart.u will be happier

  • derk derpa

    It was money down the drain the second you bought the ticket.

  • Realspit

    There is a Pattern here! Dave Chappell and Katt Williams! Both hitting their prime and the most entertaining comedians in he biz and boh start tripping on some illuminati shit! Very deep shit and obviously fame and money not worth their soul. This could really mess up your head especially once someone realizes that they are and have been contributing to the evils of the world!

  • http://twitter.com/PorchaLa la porcha

    The enemy is after him because he is speaking the TRUTH!!!… It’s time to BELIEVE … WAKE UP children of GOD.

  • robert grisby

    Keep thinking its about comedy. The nigga trying to tell you the truth and you to dumb to listen, gonna wish you did. Katt knows. He has been made the offer and apparently turned it down. So it begins, they make you think he is crazy, then arrest him a bunch of times, then kill him. Happens more than you people care to admit in Hollywierd. He is right, Satan aint shit!

    • http://twitter.com/PorchaLa la porcha

      EXACTLY like he said it… “SATAN AIN’T SHIT!!!!!”

  • Dave

    Katt was completely unprofessional. Should have not had him on and issue partial returns and sued Katt for damages.

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  • Christopher Stephen Camilli

    …..I am going to take my real cats with the GPS tracking chips an act like no one will find me….hehehaha yeah like Privacy really exists anymore….in some contries you will be executed for violating against an individual such said ”Practice”…….Christopher Stephen Camilli  October 2nd 2thouandEleven….not some random pussy afraid to speak up about something that is not CORRECT…..rather than OPINION….

  • CincyNupe

    Went to the Katt Williams concert last night in Cincinnati, sept. 10th. Not even sure where to start..I’ll just say that his performance was soo bad that people started walking out 20 minutes into the show. He was getting boo’d, rightfully so, and he spent the rest of the night talking about nothing else besides the people who boo’d him. Not justifying what he did at other venues, but with him acting the way he did last night in his HOME TOWN..he might as well change his name to Seran, because it’s a wrap.

    • Carterhouse

      it’s Saran you fucking idiot

  • http://www.facebook.com/cdarmstrong1 Cheryl Denise Armstrong

    I attended the Katt Williams show in Cincinnati, Ohio last night, Septmber 10, 2011.  I cannot believe that Katt was even allowed to perform at the Cintas Center last night after reviewing several artcles on line.  Apparently his behavior has been even worse at prior shows this past summer.  How in the world would his promoters continue to keep any comedy dates knowing that Katt obviously has a problem.  People at the concert last night were extremely upset with his lack of professionalism and just a waste of time and money.  I am extremelty disappointed and very concerned for Katt.  Someone who cares needs to pull him aside along with his promoters who are in my opinion robbing the public, and get him some help!!  He is not READY to entertain anyone!  I feel for him.  It’s very sad to see such talent wasted!!  GET SOME HELP Katt!!!

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DXDZAQJSFGXRWE7IE3UBRK4LDQ Polk Salad Annie

    How sad to see a great talent like KW become a sad parody of himself. It’s obvious he’s either smoking the “Ooowee” or is suffering from some
    sort of mental illness. When I saw the clip of KW it
    reminded me of Marvin Gaye toward the end, based out, slurring his words on stage and doing the cheesy striptease for the finale; it reminded me of James Brown on “Sonya Live” in the late 80s, babbling incoherently, sherm’d out of his mind. At the rate Kat is going, he is on the fast track to either Angelus funeral home or Harrison-Ross mortuary…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Travis-Juan-Lauderdale/1188431943 Travis Juan Lauderdale

    This dude a joke within hisself…epic FAIL…!!

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  • dtonez

    We went above and beyond normal measures to ensure Mr.Williams was in Albuquerque and went onstage. 

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  • Cbabyz55

    Katt what da hell?You doin da do or is da do doin u?Why are you destroying your children?YOU SUCH A G;Yeah a gd fool. You are crying out for help.Why don’t you calm yo ass down and stop tellin people to kiss yo ass.GO INVEST IN A GOOD PSYCOLOGIST.Or drug rehab. You can do it but, youhave to change your cast of charactors.If you think your washed up then say dat shit then.Go be a man about it. We love you and most of us don’t even really know you.I am just touched by the way you have decided to do your star player.GOD LOVES YOU KATT. YOU HAVE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE THINGS THAT SHOULD MATTER THE MOST. CHECK OUT YO PEOPLE AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN. EAGLES DONT FLY WITH DOVES. MUCH LOVE

  • Fuck katt

    I doubt anybody will get a refund…….But……Everybody should file a small claims lawsuit against Mr. Williams and the promoter. It’s too easy for them to just return the money from tickets. Make them not only refund tickets, but also have them spend their OWN money on lawyers and court cost.

  • Phuque Katt

    Str8lace saying they’re aren’t giving people their money back because they’d go broke is BS. Hey, it’s not our problem if you go broke because you can’t deliver what you promised and took money for. It shows what amateurs they are that they didn’t take out insurance on such a big show. It is NOT THE VICTIM’S FAULT you d-bags! It’s Str8lace’s problem to get the money back from Katt, not the audience’s! It’s part of the liability you face being in business Str8lace.

  • Phuque Katt

    Str8lace productions can claim all they want that “ALL performers went on”…the dude was 4 HOURS late. There isn’t a judge anywhere that’s going to say that’s reasonable for people to wait that long for a performer. Call your credit card companies and ask them to issue a charge back.

  • Kat Williams Sucks

    “Kat Williams Sucks” is absolutely right. File a fraud claim with your bank and get your money back. The reason for the refund is that you did not get the service that was promised. I think Kat Williams sucks too–who admires pimps? Anyway, I once bought a so-called Coach purse online and found out it was counterfeit, so the bank refunded all my money. That’s how the system works. Kat Williams is a crackhead. And btw, why do you all write in texts?

  • Chris

    Everyone needs to take Katt Williams Sucks’s advice! Everyone call your bank and file a claim for not getting a service that we payed for. We can take our refund if they wont give it to us, and hopefully shut srt8lace promotions the fuk down! However, if you payed $cash$ then your sh*t out of luck. If thats the case email or call the NM attorney general, like Vanessa Chavez suggested, and get an investigation started. Don’t let that crack head Katt Williams or those crooks str8lace ent. take advantage of us.

  • Richard


  • Yvette

    We ended up being the joke of the night!!! I spent over $200.00 for seats, $100.00 to get my hair done, $160.00 on new heels that were ruined by the pot holes in the tingly parking lot… and the list goes on… I am so pist that I wasted my time and money

  • Chris

    str8lace productions is GAY as FUCK. Katt and Str8lace took everyone for their money! That show was wak as fuck!

  • Ask me and I’ll tell ya

    Logically, you paid money for a ticket. You bought a ticket. You received a ticket. There is no reason you deserve a refund for your ticket. Emotionally, you all bought a little piece of paper that allowed you entry to a show that any organism consisting of more than one cell would’ve known to be a bust. Lack of common sense does not mean you should get a refund. You should be more concerned that you gave up your hard earned cash to rely on someone else to make you laugh. You can’t help it though. Moths don’t complain how small the flame is that burns their ass up, and neither should us EVOLVED beings. Next time, use your common sense.

  • katts daddy in the blue shirt

    this show was a hoax from the get go total mess. my girl wanted to see this dope feing and paid 300 bucks for our tickets. my self im a homely kind of guy dont get out much. so when i had to sit thru this bull shit i was furious and wanted to snap the little crooks arms off and beat him with um…

    we all deserve a full refund

  • isaac ibarra

    phone number to them is 5058910196 everyone spread the number

  • r montoya

    oh ya here is the promoters number direct we need to get our point and get our money back 505-891-0196.. my point how str8lace trying to say he has law suits…. every one got thier money so why sue? The one not getting thier money back we just have to except bull shit.. Sorry katt I still love you and hopefully you show Alb.. love again… I still beilieve if katt was buzzed, smoked, or even drank somr syrup he still would of been funnier than shit! the way it all was handled was wrong

  • r montoya

    When I got off the phone with the owner of st8lace he said he going to be the biggest promoter in albuquerque b/c he has a law suit with mr. william I do feel this is not Katt fault after getting off the phone with him he sounds like a croook. I think abou it know it make sense he got served he was angry when we are angry and it is based on our children it is going to piss us off but str8loace knew everything that was going on in saying he put extra money to rent the venue hmm wonder if that was in the contract that his dumb fault he could of let the time run out instead they paid the difference that they need the venue on his own that show should of been cancelled. They knew it was going to a disaster that is also why the stopped they sells If you agree please post.. Promoter said he was going to sue state police for serving Mr. Williams.,, but why the show went on as he stated

  • roxanne montoya

    this was a mess how the hell he say he did not know if you get on you tube he talks about it and that he will be here to the promoters we as a team need to put you guys under that shi is bitch shit when you dont eve answer your phone! what tickets are they are they katt no oh ya we already bought them and got nothing. THE MONEY YOU GUYS MADE IS EVIL MONEY AND KARMA IS A BITCH! ANSWER YOU DAM PHONE YOU GUYS HAVE EXPLAING TO D. iF YOU GUYS STAND BY YOUR NAME YOU WILL ANSWER QUESTION IN MY EYES U GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS!

  • Lorina Zaragoza

    I bought tickets to treat my son for his birthday. He drove down from Texas for the event. I wanted to create a fun memory that we could talk about for years to come. Needless to say it was very dissapointing. We waited forever just to see him. He told us about being arrested and then about losing his daughter. You could tell he was oviously angry and he was venting. Someone in the audience asked him to be funny and he said he was trying. I for one felt sorry for him even though he didn’t deliver the jokes we came for. My son and I still made memories and the fact that we were together is really all that mattered to us in the end. I am a server at Chili’s and tonight he came in to have a meal with his family and friends. He was not on drugs or drunk and if you remember, his family was also on stage with him. He hugged them all and even introduced his son to us in a way. His son looks just like him! The whole party was polite and respectfull. Katt signed autographs and took pictures with customers and staff. Have you ever had a day when absolutely NOTHING went right? I know I have and I know some of the folks I work with have had even worst days than I could even imagine happening to me. I am a firm believer in KARMA and whatever happened that night will come back and bite someone’s ass.


    unfortunately that did not happen :(


    I guess he was just as excited as the rest of us, to watch Katt make us laugh our ass off…


    Or MAYBE he is just done w/stand up and just wants to be in movies !!!… I can’t believe Samuel L. Jackson stayed as long as he did…


    I am not sure what happened, but Katt arrived in ABQ either Wednesday or Thursday the week of the show. He was supposed to be there for the whole show. I am not sure why he was late, maybe he had stage fright or maybe he regretted committing himself. If he is “retired” then why would he agree to a show in ABQ ?? Maybe its poor management on his part. Here is the thing, Katt has a huge fan base, he can decide to come out of retirement and make a lot of money. He could be as big of a sell out artist as he wants to be, why not come back and go out with a huge bang, meaning come out of retirement, show up to your show on time, make the people laugh their asses off and laugh his way, all the way to the bank. I must say that the Band and Shawty were very good, you could tell that they wanted to be there and entertain. And the audience was very awesome, they were interactive and beyond patient !!!.

  • Emon

    This just sucks that we can’t get our refund back sucks. I drove well over 200 miles just to see Katt Williams perform and i waited 4 hours finally for him to show up drunk or on something. I was confused n didn’t know what the heck was going on at all. Then to see him arguing with a individual in the crowd it was just something. Drove 200 miles and all i got 2 see was Katt do pushups n tear off his shirt n run around on stage wit his son. To know Samuel Jackson was in the crowd too man i thought it was gonna be a hella of a show but we left after Katt ran off the stage and waited 30 mins n nothing so we left. This was at midnight. This just sucks that we paid over $100 dollars for nothing for nothing. Just please consider giving us back our damn money.

  • Katt Williams Sucks

    To all disgruntled fans that attended this bait & switch I would strongly encourage you to call your credit card’s issuing bank (the number can be found on the back of your card) and ask that they refund your money. Typically, card issuers are very responsive to the card holders demands. Forget boycotting St8lace Ent., hit them where it hurts – their pocketbook, and get your money back. If St8lace Ent. believes that Katt Williams is to blame, then let them file suit against Katt and get their money back.

  • http://reybaros@aol.com rey

    show sucked, kat sucked. the band was the best part of the night and all the wanna be gangters didnt like prince or michael jackson songs so they booed…the fans at this show sucked ass just as much as katt did. immature audience, immature headline, good band, and I dont want my money back, i want to challenge katt to a cage fight and he can smoke all the crack he wants.

  • vanessa chavez

    @str8lace ent. all i can say is attorney general full investigation

  • Disappointed Fan

    I honestly feel that it is ALL on Str8 lace Ent. In the statement in the article above, they stated “ALL of the performers showed” I for one have a flyer in my hand right now with a picture of Deray Davis as one of the opening acts. I did not see him at the show or hear ANYONE mention his name. Besides that, I believe Katt didn’t get paid like he said on stage. The reason I believe this is because I went to Str8 Lace’s website only to find a GIANT pop up that said, “SUSPENSION NOTICE. THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED FOR NON-PAYMENT”. How are they going to pay a celebrity if they can’t even pay to keep their website up and running?! I went to http://www.str8laceproductions.com. Their numbers 505-804-7826 & 505-315-5740. I hope this show put them WAY UNDER!!! Serves them right for taking our money.

  • scooter

    this is 2 all the people that went 2 the show n r pissed …. im wit u i say fuk STR8 GAY ENT, Im sorry STR8 LACE n katt 4 a sorry ass show …. as 4 the people sayn omg its not katts fault he didnt know n it was a good show shut the fuk up wit that stupid shit cause u jus hopen katt reads ur shit n will give ur money back …. so get real n tell the truth looser …. i 4 1 hope katt reads my shit so he knowes how much he sucked that night ….

  • your smoking crack too????

    Does anyone have a number or some sort of contact for those crakheads that run STR8 GAY ENT, Im sorry STR8 LACE

  • Faye G

    We the fans (Abq., NM) for the Katt Williams concert were played like a piano. STR8Lace entainment and Katt Williams messed over us. You could tell something was going on- they were stalling with the dance contest, rapper contest and other fillers. It was over 4000 fans there that night and well over $ 200,000.00 was made and went into the STR8Lace entertainment and Katt’s pocket.

    ST8Lace as part of there statement issued the other day said to hold on to our Katt Williams ticket stubs for another event….. I would’nt wait on it… just talk!! Katt Williams and STR8Lace entertainment need to do the right thing and refund our money- NO DOUBT!!!

  • your smoking crack too????

    @ angelica if katt “didnt” know he was suppose to be at the show, WHY THE HELL WAS HE IN ALB THEN???? what do we have in albuquerque that would intrigue a big time celebrity like katt to come here??? think about it, do you think he came to albuquerque to go to cliffs?? yea right!!!
    and to everyone else saying you didnt mind the show because katt “poured his heart out” are stupid as hell… I didnt purchase tickets to a Dr. Phil show!!! I could care less about why he quit, why he is on crack now, what funny jokes he has about snoop or jim jones. I went to laugh my ass of not wait in a un airconditioned building for 6 hours. STR8LACE ENT has to be a fraud or a total joke of a business, look them up on the internet and its almost a joke as to what you will find for this company. they should give refunds becuse this was nothing more than false advertisement

    • Diezelthadon

       Y’all niggaz that’s in here replying to other peoples opinions several times is lame as hell. Lmao. Everybody is so tough on the internet…..ridiculous

  • Angelica

    After wat I just read, I can’t believe everybody is blaming katt and said he was wasted, that’s bull, we all know how pissed he was that night. He didn’t even know he was suppose to show up, but he did anyways. I’m very disappointed in albuquerque right now after there performance. You guys can hate if u want but wat katt said on stage is true.
    He had a bad f***en night and know one supposed him, but I support and agree with him. Albuquerque better open there eyes on the true and make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

  • Trina

    Hunter, you are obviously on the payroll. Sit down!

  • Trina

    I will never attend another Katt Williams Show, nor will I attend a show sponsored by Str8lace Entertainment. $10 to park at Tingley … pot holes … ruined high heels! Over $100 to see 3 horrible comedians! VERY DISAPPOINTED! I would’ve been better served traveling to Vegas, Dallas, or Phoenix to see a show! Time wasted and money wasted.

  • kc

    I stayed the wholeeeee damn time. To be honest the event was really really bad from a promotion standpoint. But the performers weren’t bad. And katt was being real the whole damn time. The man performed over 2 hours. He told everyone the truth the whole damn time. Talked about his life. Talked about god. Talked about why he retired is the fact he found god and is a christian now. The dude is not on drugs he was coherrent the whole damn time. Give the man a little credit. I felt like he poured out his soul up there. If u think it was just rambling ur to stupid to understand the shit he was talking about.

    • ramv36

      So basically, rather than pay a therapist to talk about his problems, Katt Williams just had all his fans pay HIM to all meet up to listen to his problems. Doesn’t sound very comedic.

  • Collenthia Alic

    There are so many things that the human eye can’t see. I’m not justifying what Katt did, but there are deeper things going on behind the scenes that would have taken a lot of us out a long time ago. Katt if you ever read this, please remember that you can only be broken if you allow yourself to be. Get up, be a bit wiser, get back in the game, and get your career back on track. There are millions of people that will still support you, get back in the saddle Bro.

    • Winster II

      Like you said their are deeper things going on behind the scenes…

  • Shari

    Katt Williams show was such a DISAPPOINTMENT. I’ve waited soooo long to see that man in person. I saved all the money I could to take my husband to see Katt LIVE and FRONT row seats evennnnnn (Father’s Day Gift). With this recession and 3 kids later that was not easy to do, but we made the EXTRA effort to do so, JUST 2 SEE his ASS and he does this shit. We own every underground and recent stand up and starred videos this man appeared on and he did the same BS…OH the po po got me….they dont want me to do the show…..i just got outa jail BS….what ever Katt. We’ve NEVER cared to see anyone live, but all the talk u was talkn. REALLY, wat ever….U is wat u is…U looked like a CRACK head and it seemed like U was late cuz they couldnt find ur ass in one of those junky houses. David Ruffin (Temptations bullshit) late to a show for ur nasty habits….all thanx to folks like us whom made ur ass rich. I wouldnt doubt u talkn the talk and walkn the walk, but DAM that. I dont know if these opinions on this website will even make u acknowledge u were sloppy n nasty, but i think Katt oughta do a RETAKE and REDuE Albuquerque 1 more time….but his GAME face on…silky smooth hair and fitted doing the dam thing like HE do – Just a suggestion. Otherwise HANG that shit up like u said u was.

  • scooter

    all i can say is that i paid almost $350 for tickets 2 sit row 5 seat 5 and 6 right behind the guy in the blue shirt that katt was talkn shit to n i drove from grand junction colorado just 2 see katt williams i spent alot of money in gas hotel food n tickets n now i cant even get my money back at least for my tickets wow that fukn sucks …. worst money i ever spent …. now they say we can save our tickets for a discount on another show wtf i cant afford 2 drive back 2 new mexico n get another hotel jus 2 see anyone else

  • Yolanda

    Why is no one saying or posting the videos of when Katt Williams came out normal to talk to everyone. Yes I paid for a comedy show but what we got is something no one else got. He was talking and being real. Letting everyone know what he is going through and how he feels. It is not my business to find out if Katt retired or not. Str8lace ent. should have done there research before trying to bring someone out. I myself have called str8lace 3 times today and not yet once have I received a call back in regards to people getting a refund. Str8lace Ent. needs to get their sh!t straight and if they cannot make it right everyone should boycott them.

  • joe

    I have sponsored a show with STR8LACE ENT and went through the same things with them. The singers that were suppose to show up, showed up 3 or 4 hours late. They blamed the performers AGIAN! I didn’t know they were the promoters or I would have NEVER bought the tickets. I told my wife as soon as the show began and they mentioned STR3LACE ENT I said “F*** some1 is not gonna show up!” I wasn’t that wrong.

  • Kattwilliamsisacrackhead

    I was sitting in the second row right in front of the stage. My husband and I WERE huge Katt fans. I saw the entire “performance” although I definitely would have left if we hadnt spent a lot of money on the tickets. To say it was awful is putting it lightly. Katt is on some serious drugs or he definitely cannot handle his liquor at all. But im almost certain he is not just smoking the kush. He was walking around the stage mumbling to himself, he was spitting tobacco into his hands and rubbing it on his hair. When he first came out without a shirt he was saying a bunch of random nonsense and brought a bunch of girls on stage. If I wanted to see a bunch of sluts I would have went to TDs. Everyone that paid for tickets deserves to get a 100% refund. The “comedy show” was advertised falsly. He didnt tell a single joke. He ranted about government and illuminati the whole time. He also lied to us when he said he wasnt getting paid and didnt know about the show beforehand.

    • Brutforceracing

      Didn’t Dave chappile do the same thing?

  • @ Hunter, why don’t you go blow Katt for some of the crack he was smoking.

  • your smoking crack too????

    @ hunter said, are you still smoking what katt was on??? This is what you opened up with in your statement… (ok so first of all on the flyers and billboards it clearly said “hosted and presented by katt williams”) So dont give me that shit that people should learn how to read, this is false advertisement. I never saw katt bring on any act or present anybody to the show? so therefore I do not believe the F****** idiots that created the flyers knew what they were doing. you are probably the promoter who ripped everybody off with this crap. STR8LACE ENT is garbage and so are you….

  • Stoney

    I don’t know. It sounds kinda funny!

  • DJMortensen

    I was at the show. The review above (DRUGGED UP) is a pretty accurate account of what happened. The opening band (they were local) was good, but that’s not why we bought tickets. Then a DJ played music for a bit. You could tell it was going to be a train wreck and that they were stretching, covering, lying, making excuses, etc. As indicated above, AJ Johnson was so bad that he was booed off the stage. Then, the DJ started playing more music (that was the majority of the show). Alcohol concessions were shut down early, and I suspect it was because someone knew that things could get really ugly with the way the show (or lack of show) was progressing. I think they knew they had a disaster on their hands and closing off the alcohol concessions was an attempt at damage control. Honestly, I’ve seen better organized grade school productions. It was embarrassing. We stayed because we could see the train wreck coming and didn’t want to miss it. When Katt finally came onstage the audience was stunned. If you watch some of the videos you’ll see how he paced around like a tweaker. People just looked at each other like, “WTF?” I never hear him tell a joke. The audience tried to work with him and encourage him, but even that stopped when it became obvious that Katt simple could not do his job. When he left the stage to “pray” so he could start the show a lot of people just gave up and walked out. I could see that security was setting up barricades behind the stage after they ushered all of Katt’s entourage off stage and out of the arena. That’s when we left, so I have no idea what happened after that. Everyone who attended this event got burned. It was horrible. I wouldn’t pay $5 to see Katt at the county fair after this fiasco.

    • Danda_man

      Before you all jump on the band wagon slagging him off, maybe you should think about why hea acting so strange, why have so many celebrities been driven crazy iver the years, an what the fuck do you think he meant by ‘satans presence is strong’ some illuminati bullshit goin on, cant belive they got my nigga katt williams :(

      • pasta8888

        sounds like a bad high to me

  • voice of all those ripped off

    First off I know plenty of people who paid good money for KATT! If he wasn’t ready to come back to stand up he shouldn’t even have been promoted. The promotion staff ought to be ashamed of itself….we are a locally owened small bussiness…bull crap! All we have is our word…your word is now void….
    @ KATT. Really man….what a disappointment…all that money down the drain for us new mexicans but definetly in your pocket! We showed you so much love and you shitted on us. You need to come back and do that shit right.

  • http://dukesup.bandcamp.com/ Hunter

    ok so first of all on the flyers and billboards it clearly said “hosted and presented by katt williams” and it was a well known fact willims was in retirement from stand up. which he stated several times AFTER he returned to the stage to perfor a hour-hour n half sett of not comedy but just real talk. i think people got theyr hopes up and had false expectations because of the way the show was promoted. katt was served papers which is why he was late to return to the stage. you could clearly tell katt was disturbed and stated that “satans presance was strong” which leads me to believe there is more to the story that what is being told to us. reguardless, katt showed up, paid or not, mabe late but still came and was on stage for longer than his 60 mins slated time, and only stopped because the venue was turning the lights on. i dont feel jyped at all and think people should mabe research who they are going to see and not be mad because the expectations they set themself were not met

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