Howie Mandel developing celebrity stand-up comedy reality show

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Putting celebrities in compromising or difficult situations is de rigueur for many reality shows – Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, and the always incredible I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. These shows aren’t presented as comedies, but they’re pretty funny. Usually unintentionally.

But a new celebrity-based reality program hopes to provide some purposeful laughs. Stand-up comedian-turned mega popular prime time game show host Howie Mandel — also a judge on America’s Got Talent — is set to develop a U.S. version of a Danish show, Celebrity Stand-Up, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

Here’s how it works. Celebrities tell personal stories about their lives that they develop and hone into a stand-up comedy act. A live audience votes for performing favorites, with the top celebrities moving onto the next round.

It’s like the American Idol of comedy, except with already-famous people as contestants. Presumably, there would also be less comments about who’s performance was too “pitchy.”

“There really isn’t anything like Celebrity Stand-Up on air in the U.S. right now,” Mandel said, “I see it as a unique and clever spin on the immersive celebrity interview. The contestants must examine their own lives to write sketches based on their personal experiences, and challenge themselves to go outside their comfort zones. The result is celebrities exposing themselves in a very honest and raw way, giving viewers a really intimate insight.”

With Last Comic Standing no longer airing, this show (if bought) would become the primary mainstream stand-up comedy show on television; Mandel and co. have yet to begin shopping the show.

But okay, let’s think about this for a second. Celebrities will not only be poking fun at their own personal lives, they’ll also be doing one of the hardest jobs in entertainment. Keeping in mind the potential for crashing and burning, who do you want to see on the show? And which network is best suited for a show like this? Sound off in the comments.

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