Marc Maron’s “This Has To Be Funny” to be released Aug. 9 through Comedy Central Records

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Comedy Central Records has set a release date on Marc Maron’s new album, This Has To Be Funny. The album — his fourth — is set to drop Aug. 9 and will be available on CD and digital format (naturally). This marks Maron’s first album with Comedy Central. Since his last album, the double CD release Final Engagement on Stand Up! Records, the comedian has become one of the most popular podcasters, thanks to his show WTF with Marc Maron.

Hardcore WTF’ers will recognize the album cover artwork from Maron’s already-available “cat negotiations” T-shirt. Check it out below.

This Has To Be Funny was recorded over a few nights at Union Hall in Brooklyn, New York last winter. The album features Maron at his very best (we were there) with his take on New York hipsters, his “cat ranch” and the Creation Museum, among many other topics. To celebrate the album’s release, Maron will host a live taping of his podcast at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles on Aug. 9. Guests have not yet been announced.

UPDATE — 12:57 pm EST
We exclusively acquired the track list. It should give you a little more insight into what topics Maron will cover on the new album. Enjoy.

– Honest Sound Check / Intro
– New York Hipsters
– Cat Guy
– “I Didn’t Know How To Love You”
– Heady
– Texting While Driving
– The Creation Museum
– A Situation In My Head
– Earl’s Rooter
– Spite Baby
– Dating Aggressively
– Working Out Their Daddy Issues
– “Stop Talking!”

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  • Tyler James Hansen

    Marc Maron is the Blue October of comedy. Somebody hand him some razor blades, please. 

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