Photo: First table read of The Office, season eight

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Just minutes ago stand-up comedian and The Office star Craig Robinson tweeted out this message: “1st table read Season 8!!!!” and uploaded the below photo. How many folks can you name?

Ok, so let’s review what we know about season 8 so far. James Spader is in; Jenna Fischer is preggo in real life and it’ll be written into the script. Fun! What we still don’t know: who’s replacing Steve Carell. We hear the decision has been made, it’s just that NBC aint talkin.’ [frowny face here]

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  • Walt Milos

    Just cancel the show right now and be over with it! If NBC was not in last place in the ratings! The Office would have been gone a few years ago! THe show gets no real ratings!

  • Big D

    Is that Roy on the far left?

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