Jim Gaffigan joins Snickers to fight nationwide hunger (Video)

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If there’s one thing Jim Gaffigan knows a lot about, its comedy. If there are two things Jim Gaffigan knows about, it’s comedy and making babies (he’s got four kids). Ok, let’s say there are three things Jim Gaffigan knows about. These things would be comedy, making babies and food. And since Snickers really has nothing to do with the former two things, it only made sense that they — and Feeding America — enlisted the comedian to talk about food– or, really, the lack thereof.

The candy bar company has just launched their Bar Hunger campaign, wherein they promise to donate the cash equivalent of 2.5 million meals. You have nothing to do with that. Where you come in is here: whenever you enter the bar code found on specially marked Snickers bars into snickers.com or text the same code to 45495, the folks at Snickers will donate an additional two-meal cash equivalent– up to an another $1 million to their already $2.5 million donation. If all of this confuses you, just watch Gaffigan explain it below.

Ok, you know what to do: unwrap every Snickers bar you see (leave the candy! you don’t want to be a thief), bring home the wrappers and start entering bar codes– unless, of course, you don’t give a shit about people going hungry.

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