Lewis Black finally joins Twitter!

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Two weeks after we let you know that Jerry Seinfeld joined the Twitter-sphere, I’m pleased to report that Lewis Black has caved in as well. @TheLewisBlack began tweeting Sunday after apparently being badgered by his good friend, comedian Kathleen Madigan (@kathleenmadigan). “I’m only here because Kathleen Madigan got me drunk,” reads Black’s official Twitter bio. I’m excited to see how well Black can contain his rants to 140 characters or less. His first tweet looked like this:

Show him some love and follow him. While you’re at it, help him get acquainted by offering him some tips with #TwitterLessons. And be sure to double check that you’re following Laughspin.com (@Laughspincom)! Lewis is already following us; we’re proud to be only one of seven he’s following so far.

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