Watch Dane Cook confront Louis C.K. in new episode of “Louie”

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You may or may not know that there was an apparent beef between Louis C.K. and Dane Cook a few years back– mostly over the claim that Cook had lifted a bit from Louie. The joke in question was centered around the funny prospect of being able to name your children anything; Cook favored Transformers-inspired names while Louis thought that maybe something like Ladies And Gentleman and others would make good monikers for children. I always though it was a case of parallel thinking — not joke theft — but, hey, that’s just me. It should also be noted that Steve Martin did a similar bit about naming children many, many years before Dane or Louie. So there’s that.

I say this all to intro the fact that Cook is going to show up on Thurday’s episode of Louie on FX (10:30 pm EST). And I’d imagine some of the storyline has got to do with this real-life situation. Check out the teaser below, which also features Jim Norton. It’s fucking hilarious.

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  • Anonymous

    This is super-pedantic but it should be 10:30 pm EDT not EST. It’s been Daylight Saving Time since March.

  • Msullivan

    There were more instances of parallel punchlines between Louis and Dane, as evidenced here:

  • martin ricafort

    oh this is going to be fuckin awesome. unheard of

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