“The Office” — season eight details revealed

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Though we still don’t know who will replace the void left by Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott on The Office, today we got the most in-depth look at what’s to come in season eight. Entertainment Weekly scored the exclusive, with quotes from James Spader (who plays Robert California, CEO of Dunder Mifflin) which we’ll highlight below. Check it out:

— If Michael Scott is replaced at all, it’s not going to be someone already on The Office cast. “They didn’t just want to bring in a new Michael Scott. There’s not an attempt to fill those shoes,” Spader tells EW.

— The debut episode (Sept. 22 at 9 pm EST) is called “The List,” and centers around Spader’s character accidentally leaving a note behind in the office; on it is a line down the middle and every Scranton office staffer’s name on either side of said line. The mystery begins.

— Spader will appear in 15 episodes.

— Spoilers: Season eight storylines will include the birth of Jim and Pam’s second child, the Dunder Mifflin warehouse workers winning the Lottery, Dwight building a productivity machine and California challenging the office manager to double sales.

You’ll no doubt remember that Spader was a guest star on last season’s finale. The Emmy winner was received so well that he started negotiations to join The Office full-time shortly after the finale. And despite the few details we were afforded today about the the new season and especially Spader’s character, there’s still a boatload to look forward to. So tell us, will you be tuning in to the premiere on Sept. 22? And what about season eight of The Office are you most excited about? Let us know!

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  • SydtheLid

    Why can’t there be a ‘finite’ to shows anymore? It seems like every program on tv has to have +5 seasons. The Office is basically a sitcom now, a ratings chaser – at least to me. The writers are obviously burnt out on ideas, why not just end the story? Like, “and Michael Scott lived a pretty mediocre life.” We never do that anymore! Actually planning a show with beginning and an end! Now it seems the reason why shows “end” is because it’s doing bad in the ratings or it’s exhausted and the story just has nowhere to go. Steve Carell left… just put the show down…

  • Anonymous

    I definitely am excited about the new direction of The Office. Things had been getting just a little stale the last two seasons; by bringing in a character like Robert California who is so different than Michael Scott it allows all of the characters to change and grow. Spader is such an interesting actor that I am really looking forward to seeing what he does with this character and how the writers handle the new environment. The show has such a strong regular cast that all it really needs is a new interesting direction. I might be wrong, but this move could reenergize an 8 year old show.

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